MSc Marketing at Salford Business School – “Try it – Love it!”

Minh Trang Vu
Minh Trang Vu

Paulo Coelho, the author of  “The winner stands alone” said that

“One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW.”

It is the saying that encourages me to make my dream come true study abroad in the UK. Beside that, since I studied in Foreign trade university in my country Vietnam, I do know that I want to become a Marketing Manager.

As a results of a difficult working and studying period, I chose to study MSc Marketing at Salford Business School as an excellent preparation to my career in the future.

Scholarships and Bursaries

My first positive impression of this course is the variety of scholarships and bursaries that Salford  Business School offers for international students. When I first applied for my MSc Marketing course, I was really surprised that I got both Vice Chancellor scholarship and Council bursary for International Students, which was a total amount is £4000 GBP. Then, whilst I was studying in the last semester, the Student Life sent me an email which contains the following sentences:

 “We recognise the hard work that you are putting into your MSc Marketing course whilst maintaining your university tuition fee payments and we feel that helping you to complete your payments will aid you in concentrating on your studies rather than worrying about your next payment(s). You do not need to do anything. We will credit your account automatically using internal channels and your instalment plan will be cancelled with your bank/card issuer.”
Can you imagine how happy I was at that moment? I immediately posted the status on my Facebook about the good news that I get 1000 GBP from ALF bursary at Salford Business School.

Student Support Service

I feel that the student support service is very professional – I am completely satisfied. The second impression is the moderned facilities that they supply, especially the library. They support everything I need such as laptops, computers, televisions etc. Moreover, all equipment such as print machine and borrow-return- book machine is up-to-date and automated. You only need to slide your student card on every machine, then they will automatically complete your order.
Image: The Egg – Media City UK campus
Furthermore, we have the friendly food area in the library, which also has computers so I can not only eat and drink there but also study and be entertained (listen to music or watch movies). Thus I always feel comfortable as if I am being at home even when I stay in the library.
Besides, as part of our Search and Social media marketing module, we  can borrow professional quality video cameras to conduct our group project. All the equipments such as cameras, microphones, headphones, tripods have professional functions and are of a very high quality. Whenever I have some questions, the staff and lecturers are really enthusiastic to answer and help me to make the most of the facilities offered.
Image: Media City UK University of Salford campus

Try it and love it

I believe that if other students choose to study at Salford Business School, especially MSc Marketing course,  you will never regret about this decision like me.
Peel Park Campus
Image: Me and my friends in front of University of Salford’s Peel building

What is your reason to study MSc Marketing at Salford Business School?

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