Social Media and using it for your Business

So you have heard of social media and that many people and businessessocial media for businesss are using it. But do you know about using social media for your business the correct way?

I am an MSc Marketing student here at Salford Business School and I attended the ‘Creative Pro-Social Manchester’ conference on Friday 16th July. I was able to listen to many discussions and panels on how businesses use social media nowadays. Lots of people within Digital attended. Everyone had interesting thoughts and ideas on what makes up effective social media usage.

The first panel had a lot of comparison between online and offline networking. Which one you choose depends on your personal style. All of the social channels are using unique voices. With Twitter it is easier to adopt a conversational and friendly tone. It is also simpler to find out about people online than it is face to face. We can go and search them on google to see if we want to talk to them, I know I always do! However, if you are a nervous person in social situations, you might have more luck with networking online. I liked the idea of mixing it up between the two and being consistent with real life and online networking.

Is your social media for your business authentic?

If you are posting in an approachable and real way, then you are being authentic. Sam Flynn spoke about how we should not focus heavily on the selling side of things but we should try and be more conversational with our audience. She used this one particular word “Brandonality” which has stuck with me still. What’s your Brandonality and are you reflecting your brand when you post online? When you understand this it can help you to be more authentic on social media for your business. Especially if you focus on building your trust and relationships first then those sales will follow! It might just be posting about the weather rather than promoting your product. Your audience seeing you as a real person will help them to like you!

Does your digital strategy use social media for your business correctly?

Aleksej Heinze, from our university, spoke about developing buyer persona’s so that you understand who exactly your audience is. Is your digital strategy tied to your overall business objectives? Does it link to how you communicate online? Is your content, data and buyer persona also reflective of this? These can all help you in becoming more appealing to your audience as successful communication means you are giving them what they want. Do you have an in depth strategy for social media for your business? If so, then you are using social media the correct way.

social media for business

Is your social media meaningful?

With many businesses using social media, it can be hard to get your audience’s attention. Consumers are more aware so building your credibility is important. The key is to be real and relevant. Leane Grimshaw, founder of SupaReal, gave a bold talk on the approach businesses need to take to connect with their audience. Social  users will not be attracted to your brand if it is just like everyone else’s. It is therefore time everyone in social media realised that the buyer is in control.

Where’s the future for your business in social media?

social media for business

Social media is a huge part of everyone’s daily life and it is constantly evolving. It is important to think about how this development can effect your business. The final panel of the day discussed the future of social media.

Snap chat is a fairly new popular tool which many young people and businesses alike are using. Notice how I said young people? It is all down to your audience needs, just because something is popular doesn’t mean you should use it. Why not try other things such as Live Facebook video or periscope for a similar experience!

Twitter was brought up in the panel as a channel used by almost everyone, as it is something which works for business and personal use. LinkedIn however, was said to lack networking options and it still needs a lot of improvement before it can become everyone’s channel of choice.

I had a great time at the Creative Pro Manchester conference. There was a lot of useful information on using social media for your business by some very talented people. Even when you think you are doing everything you can online there are always new ways to improve. The way we interact digitally is  constantly evolving so we need to keep learning. You can follow the conversation from the event on Twitter using the hashtag ‘#BeeSocialMcr’. If you have anything to add or any questions you want to ask, feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn.