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Ignited: Salford Business School Magazine

23 March 2016
Professor David Spicer

Professor David Spicer

Salford Business School Academics show innovation and insight in business thinking.

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to the second issue of the Salford Business School (#SalfordBSchool) magazine Ignited. Having recently joined the School I had done my research before I joined as Dean. I knew that Salford has a great reputation for innovation in applied, industry focused programmes and research. When I arrived, I was delighted to find out just how much great work was being done here at Salford that I wasn’t yet aware of. This magazine showcases some of the best in thinking and research here at Salford. I’ll highlight just some of the articles below.


The Salford MBA: Lê Tuấn Hùng’s journey

1 March 2016
Le Hung at Salford University

Le Hung, The Salford MBA student

Lê Tuấn Hùng came to Salford Business School from Vietnam to study for The Salford MBA. He had originally studied at the University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi, Vietnam, majoring in Construction Economics and after graduating, worked for a shipping company as a sales executive.

“My main job was to search for potential clients and convince them to use my company’s services, while dealing with and keeping existing clients the company had assigned. In this time, I achieved many new and well-known clients for my company. After that, I moved on to work for a Japanese freight forwarder as a sales manager.”

At this stage, Hùng realized that, if he wanted to progress his career, he would have to return to study to update his skills and to fill the gaps in his business knowledge.

“I realised that the practical experience and knowledge I had gained were not enough for the personal development of my career. At this time I also decided to study in a developed country to acquire this knowledge in the best way.”


10 reasons to attend Creative Entrepreneur 2015 #CreativeEnt

13 September 2015
Alex Fenton - Creative Entrepreneur

Alex Fenton

Salford Business School is once again opening its doors to our cutting edge campus at MediaCityUK to you, your friends and colleagues! We are bringing together our centres of Digital Business, Sports Business and Social Business to provide inspiration and education for all, thinking about global opportunity in a connected world.

Whether you are a student, young entrepreneur, graduate or a seasoned professional you will find great opportunities to inspire your entrepreneurial business thinking at our Creative Entrepreneur 2015 event.

Meet young entrepreneurs amongst our students, members of staff or many other businesses from near and far. Join us at this open innovation space at MediaCityUK on Wednesday 25 November from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Symposium for Business PhD Doctorate students

13 May 2015

Business PhD symposium hands upAt Salford Business School,  we have a thriving PhD community from a range of fascinating business, management and law students from around the world.

A great example of this community coming together is our recent Doctoral Symposium in the world class facility of the ThinkLab. This showcased some of the superb PhD research projects which are currently being conducted within the School, as well as the high academic calibre of our PhD students.


HSBC, Tax Avoidance – and Faith?

12 February 2015
Professor Andrew Basden

Professor Andrew Basden

The HSBC bank has been criticised for helping its clients to avoid paying tax. Stephen Green, in charge of HSBC at the time, is an ordained Christian priest.

Whether or not he knew what was going on, is it right to help the rich avoid paying tax? Is it moral? Is it in line with the Christian – or any other – faith?

I share Stephen Green’s Christian faith but I approach such questions from a multi-aspectual point of view – which incidentally helps me see why Stephen Green’s book, Good value, is somewhat limited in its outlook.


Sports business introduction: How marketing and social media help sports business?

9 April 2014
Sports Business

Sports Business

Have you ever thought about your favourite sports team as a “business”? This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) takes you through some of the key issues of a sports business. In particular, we will focus on:

  • Social implications of sports business
  • Sports business marketing
  • Social Media in sports business

Do you know how marketing and social media assists sports businesses?


Salford Business School visit to Ghana and scholarship winner

9 April 2014
Benedicta, Alex (our International Officer), and three academics from three different colleges (Penny Cook, David Collins and Eileen Roddy )

Alex (International Officer), Eileen Roddy (Salford Business School), winner Benedicta, David Collins and Penny Cook (University of Salford)

The University of Salford and Salford Business School recently featured in two big and very different events in Ghana.

The University attended the February UK Higher Education Exhibition and over a two day period advised over 250 students, and then attended a garden party at the Minister’s residence. Staff, students and alumni had a great time looking at trends in education. Furthermore, the College of Business and Law received over 70% of the enquiries.

The Challenge in Ghana

The University were also the sponsors of a popular Ghanaian talent show called ‘The Challenge’, where young people with innovative ideas applied and were selected to present their concept on national TV (similar to ‘The Apprentice’ in the UK). The show attracted an estimated 10 million viewers and the winner of the competition was offered a scholarship to study at the University of Salford.


Social media security

28 March 2014
social media security

Social Media Security (CC)

This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) looks at the security issues connected with social media platforms such as  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.  This MOOC builds on content from the Information Security modules that is part of the BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology programme. This MOOC covers topics including…

  • Controlling privacy settings
  • Choosing and managing passwords
  • Physical security precautions
  • Location settings and social media

Improve your understanding of social media security and avoid becoming a victim of hackers and scammers. Read more…..

How can Geolocation benefit your business or project?

27 January 2014
onlocation geolocation API project

Onlocation – one of our geolocation API projects

Geolocation is the locating of something using digital technology, usually on a map-like interface. Over the last decade, we have seen some great advances in geolocation and digital mapping with the rise of Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps and many other services.

Google first purchased its map service in 2004 from a small Australian company and it has grown exponentially. At the Salford Business School’s Centre for Digital Business we have experimented with the latest geolocation tools with some exciting results. These projects visualise our world even further, combining location information with valuable social and business intelligence.