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The Salford MBA: Lê Tuấn Hùng’s journey

1 March 2016
Le Hung at Salford University

Le Hung, The Salford MBA student

Lê Tuấn Hùng came to Salford Business School from Vietnam to study for The Salford MBA. He had originally studied at the University of Transport and Communications in Hanoi, Vietnam, majoring in Construction Economics and after graduating, worked for a shipping company as a sales executive.

“My main job was to search for potential clients and convince them to use my company’s services, while dealing with and keeping existing clients the company had assigned. In this time, I achieved many new and well-known clients for my company. After that, I moved on to work for a Japanese freight forwarder as a sales manager.”

At this stage, Hùng realized that, if he wanted to progress his career, he would have to return to study to update his skills and to fill the gaps in his business knowledge.

“I realised that the practical experience and knowledge I had gained were not enough for the personal development of my career. At this time I also decided to study in a developed country to acquire this knowledge in the best way.”


What does an #MBA teach you?

9 September 2015

What does an MBA teach you? I have not done an MBA personally but I know it’s something that could have helped me and my business. The route I took was largely haphazard (although on paper it looks ‘logical’ and ‘well thought out’).

So, I did a BSc in Business Information Systems (2000-2003), after that I didn’t get a job because I didn’t look particularly hard for one. I also thought that jobs would come to me because of my shiny new degree. Anyway, after being ‘unsuccessful’ on the career front I decided to come back and do an MSc in Managing Information Technology (2003-2004). Once that was completed I still didn’t get a job as I didn’t really look for one (can you see a pattern emerging?), and I still thought it would just come to me.

I drifted along, spent a year or so selling stuff on eBay, and alongside doing that I ended up looking into Subway Franchises. Fast-forward to the end of 2005, I’d opened my first store at the age of 23 (I was the youngest franchisee in the UK at that point)… I didn’t really have any idea of what was going on or any kind of ‘masterplan’, I just kind of thought, “it doesn’t seem to be that difficult…I’ll just figure it out”.


Salford MBA international trip-The Intercontinental Hotel Group

19 August 2015
Namitha Muthukrishnan

Namitha Muthukrishnan

An integral part of the MBA experience is an overseas visit, in which I had the opportunity to spend an intensive week in the United Arab Emirates. This experience enabled me to meet like-minded leaders and be immerse  in another business culture. This year’s visit  included a Global Leaders Industry Visit to the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a global hotel company traded on the New York as well as the London Stock exchange. Present on over 100 countries worldwide with one of the largest room inventories of over 177,000 room in 4900 hotels, there is no surprise when IHG has been named on FORTUNE Magazine’s 2014 World’s Most Admired Companies list. The question when the Salford MBA students entered the hotel was, what makes them ‘amazing?’

In conversation with Ivor Prestwood, the General Manager of The Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, the Salford Business School MBA students were given an insight into the exciting and challenging world of hospitality.


Why MBA? #WhyMBA

8 May 2015


Why should I undertake an MBA? This question is often asked on twitter #WhyMBA as people contemplate the decision to complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA). To help respond to this question, we carried out research on the current MBA students at Salford Business School to determine what was important to them.

One of the greatest advantages of completing an MBA is the enhanced employability, 88% of Salford Business School graduates find a job or go onto higher study within 6 months of graduating according to the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. MBA graduates typically earn higher salaries then other graduates and enjoy an average salary of £96,661 according to the AMBA Careers and Salary Report 2014.

One of the biggest advantages of completing an MBA is the enhancement of your employability, in particular at senior level in an organisation. Since the MBA degree is highly valued, having such a qualification opens up the job market, increases your chances of being invited to the interview and therefore provides greater career opportunities.


Why study MSc Global Management

6 May 2015
Globe (CC) by Judy van der Velden

Globe (CC) by Judy van der Velden

Are you passionate about business being conducted on a global scale? Then studying MSc Global Management is essential for you.

MSc Global Management introduces you to the relevant business functions such as accounting, marketing and human resources. But it also introduces the global perspectives associated with these subject areas.

There are many Business Schools offering MSc Global Management. However, only a few Business Schools can give you your Global Passport.

The Global passport represents the experience of different cultures and global networks. It is also redefining quaint concept of travelling and intrinsic motivation to explore new things. MSc Global Management can be your Global Passport for your future.


What does MBA stand for?

5 May 2015
What does MBA stand for?

What does MBA stand for?

Officially, MBA is an acronym for Master of Business Administration, but it stands for so much more.

Really, what does MBA stand for?

We believe that MBA stands for having the capability to release your inner superhero and go above and beyond to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

As an MBA student at Salford University, you have the opportunity to harness your skills and explore your talents to achieve extraordinary feats.

Essentially, you are given the power to discover, unleash and develop your unique super-abilities.


Lost in translation: is the Arabic language being eroded?

11 March 2015
Mark Rix, Chief Executive Catchpole Communications

Mark Rix, Chief Executive Catchpole Communications

Having gained an MBA from The University Of Salford it was naturally exciting for me to be invited to join the University’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) Advisory Board.

The Middle East expansion of the University is a very positive development which presents outstanding opportunities for students from the region to further their education within a world-class institution.

The wider possibilities for public and private sector collaboration with the University are considerable and this is of equal interest.  The long term effects of the University’s investment in this region lies in the positive contribution to the development of a knowledgeable and competitive economy.


Meet the Salford MBA Director – you’d better be on time!

5 February 2015
Dr. Yvonne Moogan

Dr. Yvonne Moogan, Salford MBA Director

I used to lock the doors if my Master of Business Administration (MBA) students were more than 10 minutes late for a lecture and not let them in until the break.

Not that I am confrontational, although students that I have worked with during a wide-ranging career that has spanned both the Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) sectors always know where they stand with me – probably because I am a blunt spoken Northerner.

Born and bred in Bolton – North West England- and being the first member of my family to go on to attend university full-time, I am always there for my students – unusually often giving them my personal mobile number: 07815 491 522.

Originally an accountant, I gave this up after a couple of years for a career “with a buzz”. That happened to be education and now many years later that buzz still remains!

The reason for the potential student lockouts was because at that time I was working for a for-profit private education provider, who being American owned their own set of rules and standards for the courses they ran to ensure their students got the “biggest bang for their bucks”.


Three questions to ask at an interview

11 November 2014
Adeyemi Adelekan, Salford MBA student

Adeyemi Adelekan, Salford MBA student

Whether it is your internship, placement or a real job interview – questions to ask at an interview are similar. Practising these questions and acting upon them during your time of study is going to be of great help for your future career.

Internships, work placements and live projects all provides the opportunity to experience the application of theories in the real world as well as enhance your knowledge about specific subject areas learnt during your degree program. It makes you more employable by boosting your CV and empowers you with essential hard and soft skills to set you apart from competitors in the job market.

My name is Adeyemi Adelekan and I am currently studying for my MBA at Salford Business School. The Business School offers live projects at all study levels from undergraduate projects to MBA level strategic consultancy. Here are the three lessons I learned from my MBA project which can help you to prepare for an internship or a real job interview.


Fancy a career in Marketing ?

25 July 2014
University of Salford Media City UK campus

University of Salford Media City UK campus

If you fancy an exceptional career in Marketing, Salford Business School is the place to be. I am enrolled on the MSc Marketing program. My experience so far has been awesome and far beyond my expectations, studying at Salford University is an eye opener for me in the world of Marketing and business in general  as I have been able to acquire, identify and fine-tune the key skills needed for me to succeed in my career and also my personal life.

I have gained necessary skills in the area of reaching and building relationships with customers which sums up what marketing is. Marketing is an effective continuous communication about products or services to the customers. One of the key skills needed to accomplish that goal is analyzing the consumers to understand their purchasing behaviour. There are a thousand and one reasons that influence how customers relate to products and it is important for a competent marketer to be able to communicate value.