Fancy a career in Marketing ?

University of Salford Media City UK campus
University of Salford Media City UK campus

If you fancy an exceptional career in Marketing, Salford Business School is the place to be. I am enrolled on the MSc Marketing program. My experience so far has been awesome and far beyond my expectations, studying at Salford University is an eye opener for me in the world of Marketing and business in general  as I have been able to acquire, identify and fine-tune the key skills needed for me to succeed in my career and also my personal life.

I have gained necessary skills in the area of reaching and building relationships with customers which sums up what marketing is. Marketing is an effective continuous communication about products or services to the customers. One of the key skills needed to accomplish that goal is analyzing the consumers to understand their purchasing behaviour. There are a thousand and one reasons that influence how customers relate to products and it is important for a competent marketer to be able to communicate value.

International Business

Media City UK Campus
Media City UK Campus

Another invaluable skill I have gained is in the area of international business, the importance of knowing how to bridge gaps in a cross-cultural and multinational environment. You don’t want to be limited to the knowledge of business being done in your country alone. Salford  Business School will expand your tentacles and broaden your horizons in doing business across boarders.

Search and Social Media Marketing


Currently, I am learning about digital marketing, specifically Search and Social Media Marketing. Traditional marketing and its media are gradually becoming relics, Digital Marketing is the next phase. This course will bring out the creativity in you and take you on an exploratory journey into the world of Web 2.0.

So far, I have acquired a good communication skills set, great teamwork approach, spot on analytical skills and methodical critical thinking. All of these have cued me up for a thrilling career in Brand Consultancy in my country Nigeria. A couple of modules to go and I am confident that my experience would be more exciting and prospects endless.

MSc Marketing tutors

Media City UK Campus
Media City UK Campus

My MSc Marketing experience cannot be complete without my tutors. They are top-notch, amazing  and ever ready to help and expect a two-way communication. Salford University has a vast learning resources with an up to date collection of textbooks, ebooks, journals in diverse fields.

Salford University MediaCity campus, home to BBC and ITV is a beautiful, lively and energetic  place. Media City UK offers a serene environment for studies, it is a focal point for creativity and business.

To get  a vantage point in the field of marketing, Salford Business School will prepare you with all that is needed for a dynamic trendsetting career!

Do you fancy a career in marketing?

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  • well delivered.Even if i am not a student at the University of Salford Business School,a lot of areas discussed above I totally agree with and are also very applicable in the School of the Built Environment.
    The University of Salford has provided me with the right tools to succeed as a professional in Nigeria and the international market.