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Why study Digital Marketing at Salford?

23 August 2016
Why study digital marketing at Salford // Nim Tennakoon, MSc Digital Marketing student

Nim Tennakoon, MSc Digital Marketing student

Before I started my Search and Social Media Marketing module (SSMM), I did not consider optimising my digital profiles or worry about the ranking of my name in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Knowing what I know now this is one reason as to why I study Digital Marketing at Salford.

Most of us have social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I actually have more than 5000 friends on Facebook! Even my Facebook page has more than 2000 likes. On Instagram I have nearly 3500 followers. For a long time I was active online posting around twice a day. But only recently I have started to understand the theoretical and financial values behind it.

Once I began to appreciate the theory of social media marketing I became fascinated. Did you know I am what you might call in digital marketing a micro-influencer?

It’s true! I have now even read some studies that suggest users like myself with smaller follower numbers actually have higher engagement rates on social media compared to some Megastars. Therefore, people like me with similar followings can be of huge benefit to online brands.


Starting out in #online marketing?

28 June 2016
James Swann Digital Marketing

James Swann Digital Marketing

Do you need to join an online marketing course to get the right tools for your business? For anyone who grew up in the last twenty years or so, digital or online marketing is just another thing that happens. Yet for the rest of us (those with a few more wrinkles) it’s still a major phenomenon that has changed the way businesses of all shapes and sizes go about publicising their goods and services to potential customers locally or in the wider world.

Despite online marketing having been around since the nineteen nineties (arguably earlier) there are still many small and medium sized companies that are out of touch with the digital world and who require guidance in order to make full use of advertising and selling online. Unsurprisingly this has seen the emergence of many new digital agencies specialising in online and wider forms of digital marketing, such as marketing through mobile phone apps and interactive media.


Can a social media marketing course help Nigerian Market?

25 July 2014
Ufuoma Ukueku

Ufuoma Ukueku

I have been privileged to be a part of MSc Marketing at the University of Salford Business School and I am passionate about social media. Being an international student from Nigeria I feel that it is the right place to develop my passion into a career.

Social media is gradually emerging in Nigeria, although the adoption rate is not yet at the same level as it is in the UK.

Social media marketing is bringing about a drastic change in the way that organisations engage with their stakeholders. Salford Business School introduced me to the latest thinking in the use of social media.

Why do I think it was the right move?


The top reasons why I decided to return to the University of Salford Business School for my postgraduate studies

23 July 2014
Katrina Winstanley

Katrina Winstanley

My greatest experience at University of Salford was my time spent within the Salford Business School.

An MSc – or Masters – is something I was considering doing for some time. I completed my BSc in Professional Broadcast Techniques and afterwards, in all honesty, felt somewhat lost. Something I feel many graduates may be able to relate to.

However, during my BSc I undertook a module in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), which was taught within Salford Business School. It became clear to me on reflection of my time spent as a University of Salford undergraduate, where my strengths and weaknesses lie.

For example, I was far more interested in my research for IPR than I was in producing my honours video project. This honesty and clarification was a milestone for myself. Working in a call centre for a soul destroying three months after graduating, I definitely knew that a big change of direction was needed!