Can a social media marketing course help Nigerian Market?

Ufuoma Ukueku
Ufuoma Ukueku

I have been privileged to be a part of MSc Marketing at the University of Salford Business School and I am passionate about social media. Being an international student from Nigeria I feel that it is the right place to develop my passion into a career.

Social media is gradually emerging in Nigeria, although the adoption rate is not yet at the same level as it is in the UK.

Social media marketing is bringing about a drastic change in the way that organisations engage with their stakeholders. Salford Business School introduced me to the latest thinking in the use of social media.

Why do I think it was the right move?

My experience at Salford Business School

I have many reasons for undertaking my postgraduate study abroad at Salford Business School. For example, the high reputation of the University of Salford, the wealth of opportunities offered by Business School to learn so many new skills, and also studying with people from around the world.

Salford Business School has also helped me to rediscover a better version of myself by being more independent and having to develop my critical independent thinking. Here are some of my impressions of the two modules which are part of my degree:

International business module

I have taken part in the international business module which has positively affected my knowledge and awareness of various business cultures. It helped me with understanding of different ways to go about internationalisation in different markets and introduced me to the idea of owning my own business.

The group project on this module helped me to be a good team player,  I was able to work with a diverse group of people which has invariably increased my international marketing communications skills.

Search and social media marketing module

I am currently an employee in a social media department in Nigeria. During this time I have been trying to put a strategy in place to implement digital marketing communications but it has not very successful so far. Whilst undertaking the search and social media marketing module I had the opportunity to learn from highly skilled tutors. Additionally, Salford Business School makes provision for external guest speakers to speak to us about social media. Now understanding the theory and the tools that are needed I am much better placed to help my company and myself to maximise the use of search and social media techniques in business.

It has definitely improved my ways in managing my business as social media is very important for business awareness even in Nigeria. Search and social media marketing module is one of my greatest experiences so far.

Student Life

There is a long list of reasons as to why international students should not have second thoughts when considering studying abroad at Salford Business School. The employability hub at Salford Business School has an additional educational and cultural experience programme. This gives me opportunity to get practical experience in a number of areas that are not covered as part of the main course.

Furthermore, the student life team have helped me to enhanced my CV, and constantly offer opportunities to meet potential employers. The structure of information provided by the student channel and a personal tutor who gives you one to one support has all been part of my great experience to support me during my course.

Student channel

Image: Screenshot of the student channel web page

The institution that I studied at in Nigeria is different from the University of Salford. One of the key difference I found is that in Salford assignments tend to be more coursework and group work focused compared to the exams culture in Nigeria. For me exams are not as good as practical and coursework focused work. I find it easier to learn when I can apply my knowledge in practice and group in teams where I can learn from peers.

I have had the pleasure to learnt a lot about the different cultures and nations, because I had the chance to meet people from all around the world. Now I have friends from: Thailand, India, Italy, Venezuela, Germany, Korea, and Pakistan. The people I met here have become really good friends of mine and I hope I am going to stay in touch with them beyond my study time here. The international dimension has added a great deal to my experience at Salford Business School.

Media City UK

Media City UK, University of Salford campus

Image: MediaCityUK campus, University of Salford

Last but not least I do want to mention the location of the MediaCityUK campus. Salford Business School has the most amazing campus location surrounded by the BBC. Twenty six BBC departments including the BBC Sport and more than 500 ITV staff are also based at MediaCityUK.

MediaCityUK also houses one of the largest high definition studio facilities in Europe, featuring seven high definition television studios and two audio studios. The University of Salford presence at MediaCityUK, which is designed in conjunction with the BBC also equips students with the skills to help them access job opportunities on site, this makes the business school environment a safe and conductive learning environment.

I chose MSc Marketing because of Search and Social Media Module and I am now realising that there are so many other things that make it a great learning experience.

Is Salford Business School the best place to study?

If you are also a Nigerian student in Salford, please share your experience in the comments section below and do keep spreading the word as this is a place to be……


  • Pretty good write up. I will be convinced to enrol to do a course in marketing just based on the key points raised here.

  • Well delivered.Even if I am not a student at the University of Salford Business School,a lot of areas discussed above i totally agree with and are also very applicable in the School of the Built Environment.
    The University of Salford has provided me with the right tools to succeed as a professional in the Nigerian and international construction industry as a whole.

  • My name is danny and i studied Human Resource Management and Development at Masters level. The main reason i chose Salford asides from the course modules was because of the incentives it offered. The country bursary and Vice-chancellor excellence award really made a difference for me. I found studying and living in Salford quite stress-free and would love to further my education here. The lectures, presentations and exams were all perfectly executed. As an international student ambassador, Salford can count on me to spread the name of the school globally.

  • They say “the greatest discovery is the discovery of self”; I’m glad Salford University has given such opportunity. I love the vividity of your post. Great work

  • I agree with you Ufuoma, social media is key in Nigeria and the course will definitely create new career paths

  • Nice one Ufuoma. I believe we still have a long way to go in Nigeria as regards using social media marketing. As a business developer myself I have realized businesses and organization are all maximizing the use of social media but I still believe we have a long way to go

  • Awesome read. Studying marketing opened my eyes to many opportunities in the Nigerian market especially through the social media. Awesome read, Ufuoma.

  • Ufuoma i must admit that this is an excellent post. Indeed Nigerian universities are structured differently and the focus is more on reproducing what we are thought. But studying in England and i guess many other places gives you the opportunity to have group discussions and major experiences in your practice area. It is good to see students speak proudly of their schools, and i have no doubt that Salford Business School is deserving of this excellent write up.

  • I couldn’t have agreed less Ufuoma, Salford Business School has played a major role in shaping my business life. If I have any academic regrets, its that I didn’t discover the business school on time.

  • This is an excellent write-up. I agree with the point you mentioned concerning the coursework and practical approach to learning. It gives a better understanding to a specific area of study and knowledge obtained can remain with the individual for a very long time. Nice work Ufuoma. Thank you for this.

  • An absolute inspiring article. Salford business school is one of the best and it has helped to give a new light into my career. i agree a 100% with you.

  • Nice writeup Ufouma, and also quite informing too. Good to know that the Salford Business School is so well furnished and poised for impact(educationally) in the world of media and marketing. Also, I am elated by the fact that at the end of your training you would be fully equipped to effectively influence your sector back in Nigeria. Kudos to you girl!

  • Well said. I have just been through a very similar experience here at the University of Salford. The exposure and access to information on an international platform such as this has been priceless. Studying here has truly been a great learning experience for too many inexhaustible reasons. I would always recommend the University of Salford to anyone.

  • Well done Ufuoma, I’ve really enjoyed your write up. As your boss, I see the same excellence you’ve applied at work also following through in your studies. Keep it flying!!

  • Wow!! Excellent post , very impressive and informing. Indeed studying abroad gives you a better exposure and I have no doubt that Salford business school is one of the best. It’s good to know you love where you learn.

  • Nice post.The exposure one has studying abroad cannot be undermined,especially when it is incorporated with studying at a good school like the University of Salford.
    This experience is one i would live to remember.