Active Neighbourhoods as ‘Process’ in Greater Manchester

Project summary

Working with Transport for Greater Manchester, we are using Active Neighbourhoods as a lens through which to focus upon the implementation of walking, rolling and cycling interventions from the perspective of diverse communities.

By doing so we will understand how perceptions around and discourses of Active Neighbourhoods both evolve and are utilised by communities during their development and implementation.

The aim of the research is to develop a qualitative baseline of perceptions of Active Neighbourhoods, as well as behaviours relating to them, that can be utilised as part of longer-duration studies on walking, rolling and cycling interventions more broadly within Greater Manchester. By investigating Active Neighbourhoods in the context of the Bee Network, the research will also add to the evidence base on effective strategies for increasing rates of active travel.

Project outputs

Blog: Back to school in Levenshulme. Counting modes of travel.

Blog: #walktoschoolweek 2020, Levenshulme

Project contacts

Harriet Larrington-Spencer, Research Assistant, Healthy Active Cities

Graeme Sherriff, Research Fellow, University of Salford