#walktoschoolweek 2020, Levenshulme

By Oct.09, 2020

It’s #walktoschoolweek 2020 (5th-9th October), so we’ve compared this weeks daily average car, pedestrian and cycle counts at school drop off in Levenshulme, Greater Manchester with daily averages since the school term started.

The data (Figure 1) shows that #WalktoSchoolWeek does not seem to have influenced modes of travel at any of the five sensors. These sensors are strategically located around Levenshulme.

Thought limited in scope (the sensors have only been in place since August), this data indicates that promotional campaigns (alone), like walk to school week, won’t enable children to travel actively to school.

School streets are a possible alternative. We have a seminar planned on them – 22nd Oct 12.30-14.00.

This work was supported by the UKCRIC Manchester Urban Observatory (University of Manchester) (grant number: EP/P016782/1). The analysis is part of a new Healthy Active Cities project looking at low traffic neighbourhoods.

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