When you’ve finally moved into your new home for the year, you’ll probably find yourself using most of your new flatmates’ equipment instead of yours anyway. Save yourself the struggle of carrying those unnecessary heavy items by reading this list of what not to take to university.

1. Toastie makers

It’s a bit of a cliché that students live off cheese toasties and you’ll find that the amount of cleaning that goes into making one really isn’t worth the final product. Therefore, it’s probably wise not to buy a toastie maker when all your new flatmates will have one anyway.

2. Shot glasses

Everyone brings shot glasses to uni and more shot glasses only means more shots and nobody wants that.

3. Ironing board

Ironing boards are huge and take up a lot of room which seems a bit pointless considering the fact that the new iron you bought will never come out of its box.

4. Tea towels

With the amount of tea towels you and your flatmates bring to uni, you could stitch together a new duvet. 3-4 between you will suffice.

5. Student cookery books

It doesn’t take 12 student cookery books to teach you how to make a Pot Noodle.

6. Playing cards

Card games are a great way to bond with your new mates but you only really need one deck of cards between you.

7. Baking trays

One or two baking trays that get a regular wash is better than have six cluttering up your kitchen.

8. Toilet roll

Do you really need 18 rolls at a time? You can always take a couple from the local pub if you’re in need.

9. Can openers

All can openers do the same job so it’s probably a bit pointless to have loads of them in the kitchen at the same time.

10. Common sense

OK so common sense makes both this list and ‘10 uni essentials everyone forgets to bring‘. There will be loads of people telling you, “don’t do that”, “don’t do this” when you get to uni. A great story never starts by using common sense! You’re young, go make some memories with your new pals! Just make sure you have plasters to hand.


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