As someone who is indecisive by nature, choosing which university I was going to attend was the single most challenging thing I’ve done. It’s up there with the parallel park on my driving test, and deciding between ‘jet black’ and ‘space grey’ for my most recent iPhone. While it felt at the time as if I were taking a blind shot by moving up north, upon reflection it is clear that my mind was made up the moment I first visited the University of Salford.

GIF: Indecisive man

As someone who has always wanted to work in the television industry, actually coming and visiting MediaCityUK was like having all my birthdays at once. I just completely fell in love with the environment and my surroundings, I can’t explain it without bringing a massive cliché to the table, but it really did feel right. I must admit, Salford wasn’t always my definitive first choice, but once I’d been to their home of journalism, I knew my other considerations just couldn’t match this.

Seeing some of the largest names in television literally metres away from the University’s lobby, and in fact sharing a building with ITV was completely surreal. I knew that if I wanted to come to a uni with outstanding connections and career prospects, it had to be here.

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Speaking of living environment, the fact that Salford is based in Greater Manchester was a massive appeal. I’d had so many people telling me that I “must go” and that “Manchester is for you” but I’d never even thought of visiting before, I’d hardly been north of Birmingham. On the day of my interview, I made a point of travelling from Southampton to Manchester on my own, just so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not really that dependent on my Mum when it comes to travel, in fact I’m usually the one who navigates us through the airport, but it was more of a psychological thing.

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Once I’d landed, and it was apparent it was really just a short flight away, I had a little look around the surrounding area, and felt so at ease with my environment. Perhaps it was just luck that all my trains were on time, the weather was warmer than usual for early February, and that I got a complimentary latte at Pret A Manger, but it certainly was the cherry on top for my debut to Manchester.

I’ve honestly never had so much fun in my life than I have since moving to Salford, and I couldn’t imagine myself at any other uni. I know I made the right decision, and for me, Salford is now as much of a home as Southampton is, if not a little colder.