Nice to meet you, I’m Helena, I’m 22, Mancunian born and bred, and I am a third-year undergraduate student studying English Language and Creative Writing; so, as you would expect I stereotypically swoon over Mr. Darcy, my room is slowly drowning in books and I was that annoying, pretentious 14 year old on Facebook who obsessively corrected my friends’ grammar (I’ve stopped now, I promise!).

As well as being a budding Salford student I am also pleased to introduce myself as a new SSMA = Student Social Media Assistant. My job is to share my student experience with both prospective students and current students or whoever stumbles across the lovely ‘Made in Salford‘ blog.


Strangely enough, my original academic route was exploring Art. I did a BTEC in Art and Design in college, left in 2014 and went straight on to an apprenticeship in 3D Modelling/Art. Unfortunately, after 1 year the company behind the apprenticeship had to close and I was stuck feeling a bit lost. I started writing my own personal blog and dabbled in poetry in my spare time and realised how much I loved writing. After lots of encouragement I decided to apply for university.

There is a presentation projected onto a blank wall in the University of Salford's MediaCityUK campus. On the projection is some visual poetry spaced out. It reads 'The heart in a ribcage, rarely rattled, or broken by hatred.'
Some of my own poetry projected on the wall near the Digital Performance Lab in MediaCityUK.
(Photo: Helena Wright)

With no relevant ‘English’ A-Levels I was gobsmacked when I got four offers from different universities. In all honesty I did not accept Salford’s offer first; for a good few months I was set on attending a university about a 3-hour train journey from home. For a couple of months something did not feel right, and my intuition told me that maybe I needed to reconsider my choice. I had really enjoyed my Applicant Visit Day at Salford, where I got to meet tutors and even did a poetry writing workshop (I still have what I wrote folded up in a trinket box at my parent’s house!), so I sat and wrote out all the pros and cons of Salford and the other university and Salford came up top. I made the decision to change my UCAS choice around springtime in 2016 so once September came I would be attending Salford and I haven’t regretted it since.


What’s great about the Salford student experience is that you can tailor it to your interests and hobbies. I love that the main campus is so close to the city centre so in my free time I can go treat myself to a hot chocolate at one of the many cafes in town or I can go window-shopping in some of the vintage shops and comic book/board game shops dotted around Northern Quarter.

As well as my classes, on Monday and Thursday evenings I attend rehearsals in the stunning New Adelphi building for the Almost Famous Theatre Company which is a student run society that holds performances throughout the year and accommodates a whole range of students who enjoy dancing, singing and acting or are interested in backstage tech. The next big productions they’re debuting in 2019 include ‘Legally Blonde’ the musical. You can find out more via their social media.

Me modelling my Almost Famous Theatre Company t-shirt that has 'Production Manager' printed on the back with the Almost Famous logo.
Working as Production Manager for the Almost Famous production of Simon Stephen’s ‘Punk Rock’.
(Photo: Helena Wright)


Twitter: @AlmostFamousTC


I mean I don’t expect to become the new J.K Rowling in the next five years but once I graduate university I would love to start reaching out to literary agents. Alongside one of my core Creative Writing modules, I have started writing a children’s book and I’m very determined to finish it. The dream is to see my name on a bookstore shelf. Otherwise I’ve always wanted to visit Japan since I was a nerdy, little teenager who was obsessed with Studio Ghibli and Pokémon.  

The University of Salford is jam-packed with fabulous experiences and opportunities and I cannot wait to share my third-year journey with you all, give you a glimpse into the Salford student experience and tell you about the incredible city surrounding the campus.

A small wooden hanging that says 'Whatever happens just keep on smiling' next to a solar powered 'Sun Buddy' bobble head.
(Photo: Helena Wright)