The new academic year is here! Read a letter from a member of staff who has written a letter especially for you with their advice on how you can make the most of your time as a Salford student.

This letter was written anonymously by an English Language graduate. They identified themselves as a commuting undergraduate student.

Dear student,

Welcome to Salford! I’ve been in your shoes and here are my top pieces of advice to help you make the best possible start this year: 

Make the most of the time and resources you have available at University. The staff and your fellow students are here to support you so don’t ever feel like you can’t reach out.  
Always balance life, work and university in the way you feel works best – each element is so important! Don’t neglect your studies or your social life.  
University can be daunting at first but if you push yourself and try new things you’ll discover a whole new side to yourself. I was extremely shy and nervous before starting university, but I tried to push myself out my comfort zone by trying new things. I’m now more confident than ever and feel comfortable in who I am as a person! 

You have so much to look forward to in the next year and beyond – we’re excited for you! 

– Anonymous, English Language graduate 

This letter is one in a series written by Salford staff members and alumni to you and your fellow students. We hope that, by sharing our experiences and advice, we can help you settle into uni life and feel excited for all that you have to come. Want to read more? There’s plenty to choose from.