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Salford academic’s virtual landscapes work featured in Times Higher Education

Umran Ali, University of Salford senior lecturer in creative media and programme leader of BSc in computer and video games has been looking at how the countryside can inspire computer game creators. The PhD researcher aims to encourage digital designers to return to the great English tradition of landscape writing from Wordsworth to Ruskin to inspire […]

Salford academic has new Sports Marketing book published

The global sport industry is now estimated by the United Nations to account for approximately 3% of global economic activity. A recent report by PWC (2011) alternatively indicates that the market for sport will be worth $145 billion by 2015, with North America accounting for 45% of global revenues, EMEA for 35%, Asia Pacific for […]

Centre Newsletter January 2016: about our people and their research

2016 has been a busy and vibrant year in the Centre for Health Sciences Research. We have welcomed a large number of new staff and students and had much reason to celebrate: on the professional side we report various awards, promotions and other achievements of staff and students alike. Moreover, several weddings have taken place […]

Salford academic’s book selected by New York’s Gagosian Gallery for one of its latest projects

Capri Revisited A translation by Dr William Hope, a member of the Salford Languages Research Group and of the Communication, Cultural and Media Studies Research Centre, has been selected for publication by New York’s Gagosian Gallery in one of its latest projects.

Santander Travel Award granted for innovative public health research

A Santander Travel Award has been granted to Dr Melissa Marselle (University of Salford) to collaborate with Sara Warber, MD and Dr Brenda Gillespie at the University of Michigan (USA) to investigate the frequency and duration (or dose) of group walks in nature required for positive mental health. Research has shown that interaction with natural environments can […]

Why did the UK give China £3m to invest in football?

Simon Chadwick, professor of sports enterprise, Salford University, explains: In September, ahead of a visit by the country’s president, Xi Jinping, the British government gave £3 million to China to help fund the development of its domestic football. At first glance, this seemed a remarkable gesture; after all, China’s economy is one of the world’s […]

Why tennis match fixing claims threaten to embroil officials

Prof Simon Chadwick discusses: Another week, another scandal: this time it’s tennis, last week it was athletics, last year it was football. Before that, take your pick: snooker, cycling, cricket – the list seems almost endless. For sports lovers everywhere, this begs the question: is anything clean in sport?

China’s financial muscle makes its mark on the global sport industry

The Chinese economy has been growing at break-neck pace for the past three decades. It is the largest in the world by some measures and, as we all know, the Chinese sell the world everything from electronics to iron and steel. But in one industry the Chinese have been rather slow out of the blocks […]

Scientists ‘artificially evolve’ sleeping sickness bacterium

SCIENTISTS at the University of Salford are to artificially evolve a bacterium linked to the spread of deadly sleeping sickness, African Trypanosomiasis. They aim to better understand the genomics of Sodalis glossinidius, a bacteria which, when present in the gut, allows the Tsetse fly to become a carrier of the parasitic disease. Sleeping sickness causes […]

How foetal alcohol spectrum disorders could be a hidden epidemic

The new Department of Health guideline on alcohol says that there is no safe alcohol limit for pregnant women. Alcohol should simply be avoided. Alcohol exposure during pregnancy can cause damage to the body and brain of the baby, causing a range of lifelong problems. These problems are grouped under the umbrella term “foetal alcohol […]