Our web app development module and why it’s so special!

Richard Dron tells you about what its like to learn web app development here in Salford Business School
Richard Dron tells you about what its like to learn web app development here in Salford Business School

Are you looking for a Business Management programme where you can learn technical skills, like web app development? Are you interested in working in the digital space after you complete your degree? Or are you a business looking to work with a university because you need students with a business perspective who can manage the process of managing web app development projects?

I’m Richard, Programme Leader for BSc Business Management with Innovation and Technology, and also I look after the Web App Development module. I think it’s great and it might just be what you’re looking for!

What makes our web app development module so special? Well, firstly its part of the BSc Business Management with Innovation and Technology programme, that trains managers to run businesses of the future and harness the power of tech. I might be biased but I think it’s a brilliant programme. We’re an amazing academic team and we’ve got fantastic students too!

We use the term industry informed to describe this undergraduate degree programme. But what does that mean? Well, we’ve co-created this module with industry in mind. To make our students even more industry ready, this year they are working to client briefs and industry expectations with a local industry partner, on their way to working in digital careers where the skills they develop here will be really important.

How do our students learn web app development?

How do our students learn web app development with support from our Partners like WeDo:Digital?
How do our students learn web app development with support from our partners like WeDo:Digital?

For this module we’ve partnered with WeDo: Digital, who are a team of web app development digital experience experts based in MediaCityUK, here in Salford. They’re the ideal partner for this module, as like our teaching they fuse technology initiatives with business goals. Many of our students will go on to work with SMEs, and that’s actually a particular focus of our school; like us their aim is to support SMEs with everything they need to build and grow their businesses.

When we spoke with Luke and Lee, they told us: “similar to our Manchester home, we have grown and evolved rapidly since starting out life as a small, boutique team of developers wanting to deliver amazing solutions to our clients. We believe passionately in the strength of talent and capability of technologists in the Northwest; we want to give something back to this community by supporting Salford University with this module, allowing us to tell students about some of the cool things we’re up to as a business, but also to find out more about them and how they could work for a business like ours when they graduate”.

Luke and Lee have done a host of lectures at other universities and told us how they enjoy meeting like-minded future talent. And what’s more, they are already doing what we are teaching our undergraduates: developing enterprise-grade solutions using their expertise in architecture, delivery, and operations. It’s really exciting that Luke and Lee our joining our module to help our students understand what it’s like to do the jobs in the digital sector that they are hoping to move into after they graduate.

What skills will our students learn in the web app development module?

So, as with all our taught modules there’s always a task. WeDo have a challenge for our web app development class! They have helped us set a brief to get them thinking about marketing themselves as employable web app developers. Our students are going to create hand-coded websites that carry their personal brand, demonstrate their knowledge of development languages and work as digital CVs that they can demonstrate to employers as evidence that they don’t just talk the talk but can walk the walk!

Now that so many of the things that we do rely on web technology this requires skills such as researching, designing, developing, implementing, and testing of applications, to deliver professional, reliable, on-cost and on-time solutions. We have designed our module with employability in mind, developing skills required within digital agencies and for freelance web app development work. And there are people from industry joining to support the module throughout to come and talk about personal branding, designing digital portfolios and CVs, and the languages that students will be learning to design and develop web applications, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS and other core technologies used in the building of websites to develop responsive business and e-commerce websites.

This year with WeDo: Digital’s involvement, students will be competing for the opportunity to be a “COO” and “CTO” for the day, shadowing Luke and Lee in their day jobs, while also receiving a £100 Amazon gift card.

Do you want to get involved or to find out more about our programmes?

Have you got a business that might need some technical support? Maybe one of our students might be able to support you through a student project? Once our students finish this module perhaps they could help you get your digital marketing right, or look at your SEO. We have lots of ways that our students can work with you on project through internships and placements.

Or, are you interested in studying our programme? If you are, get in touch so we can discuss what we do here at Salford Business School. Send the school an email – enquiries@salford.ac.uk – and we’ll tell you all about the programme and how it can help you as either a student or a business!