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US Election prediction: Why Trump might win #USElections2016

8 November 2016
Richard Dron tells you to trust the data and why he thinks Trump might win

Richard Dron discusses US Election predictions

Am I the only one that thinks there is chance that Donald Trump actually might win in the US Election prediction? I don’t have a crystal ball, but even with Beyonce and Jay Z’s help I am just not sure Hillary Clinton can win this week’s US presidential elections.

I have to tell you, I was thrown a few months ago with the result of the EU referendum. But, was I in denial? Were the signs not there? I went to give a talk to our MSc Digital Marketering students about analysing social media and I was asked for a prediction. I said:

At the moment it looks like leave is well ahead but there will be a swing … there is always a swing!

I had the data in front of me, visualised. The conclusions were actually obvious, and I still couldn’t see it. My lesson from #brexit is quite simple. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you and believe only what you want to be true.

Do you know why I think that we need to prepare ourselves for another shock voting result from our friends from across the pond – here are my thoughts based on Social Network Analysis (SNA) research…


Have you got anything to #Bregret?

27 June 2016
sad pug (CC) by hannah k

sad pug (CC) by hannah k

On Friday morning, 24th June 2016 I woke up to the news that the UK had voted to #leave at the EU Referendum. I have to admit that I was confused and I still am. I was a #Remain voter. However, practically everyone in my village was voting #Leave. I knew there were pockets of #Leave voters. I just thought we overall, after everything was counted, would be staying in the EU.

What is more concerning is the number of #leave voters who are showing both anger and #Bregret. They never believed their vote would matter and were actually as convinced as me that the UK would #Remain an EU nation. Have you, like these voters, got anything to #Bregret? In particular, that within hours of the result the key pledges of the leave campaign have been backtracked on – was the nation misled?

Shortly after the result was announced #Bregret was born. Many #Leave voters admitted that they had not expected the drop in the value of the pound. Others were angry when Nigel Farage admitted that the NHS funding claim was a ‘mistake’. These feelings and expressions of remorse have grown. They started with the voting public ringing electoral services to ask if they could change their vote, and since then #Bregret has gone digital.


How do beacons work? #PUPRU

13 May 2016
How do beacons work?

How do beacons work?

Have you heard about beacons? How do beacons work? Beacons are one of many technologies that Salford Business School’s PUPRU is working with. If you don’t know by now what #PUPRU is, you can read about it here. The #PUPRU team are a group from the Centre for Digital Business with a focus on researching the use of emerging and disruptive technologies in business. Disruptive technology is defined as:

… new digital goods and services that revolutionise, change and disrupt accepted methods of performing business activities and transactions …

We have all been exposed to disruptive technologies, but perhaps not been aware. All disruptive technologies have potential to be the next big thing, creating significant opportunity, as with past disrupters like the Internet, smart phones and Google. You may not see the relevance, but unforeseen digital disruption drastically impacts business revenues. For example, GAME group closed 277 stores in the UK and Ireland in 2012 when consumer habits changed and more people began downloading their games. EE’s 2015 third quarter results showed a 10.3% collapse in voice minute revenue as customers moved to VOIP communication apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Desktop PCs and laptop sales declined by 9.5% in 2015 with increased global demand for tablets and smart phones. It is no longer necessary for you to own desktop PC devices when there are cheaper mobile alternatives, offering mobility and additional functionality. A new service could disrupt an existing business and is a strong motivator to rethink IT strategy and align it with business strategy. This is where #PUPRU comes in and looks to engage with organisations investigating the use of emerging disruptive technologies in their strategies.

Now – to beacons – what are they?


What is a “Technical Innovation Officer”?

28 October 2015
Richard Dron

Richard Dron – Technical Innovation Officer

Let me introduce myself! I’m Richard, and I am the University of Salford Business School Technical Innovation Officer. Some of you might have met me last year, because I was a student studying an MSc in Information Systems Management.

Through connections I made on my course I heard about this position, applied, and here I am. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting me yet, I’m sure you will soon. I try to be involved in multiple projects, and there are lots of ways that our paths could cross.

If you are a student, a company or a colleague at the Business School, my role connects to all of you!