Child Development Podcast – episode 8

By Nov.17, 2020

We’re pleased to present a new episode of our podcast in which Joanna Kolak talks to Dr Marina Bazhydai, lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University. Marina is a developmental scientist interested in infant curiosity and its effect on successful learning outcomes, developmental precursors to creativity, active information seeking and information giving in early childhood. 

Marina was telling us about how young children learn new information through social means, how they decide who to trust in uncertain situations and what are the developmental precursors of creativity. She also gave some practical tips for parents on how to support their children’s active information seeking in social learning, play and exploration.

Our today’s guest, Dr Marina Bazhydai from Lancaster University

Here are the resources that Marina mentioned in the interview:

Marina’s paper “I don’t know but I know who to ask: 12-month-olds actively seek information from knowledgeable adults”

A video abstract of the above mentioned paper

Marina’s book chapter “From curiosity, to wonder, to creativity: a cognitive developmental psychology perspective” (starts on page 144)

Paper entitled “One‐year‐olds think creatively, just like their parents.”

Paper entitled “Two‐year‐olds can socially learn to think divergently.”

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