Revising for exams can be hard and stressful and no-one wants to do it, but unfortunately it’s likely you will have to sit at least one exam throughout your time in education. So check out my top revision tips, that could help you maximize marks and actually make revision a little fun.


Tip 1: Write things down

Make sure to write all the important things down on a small piece of paper.

Bonus tip: Write quotes, sums, etc. and post them everywhere. On your bathroom mirror, on your mugs, laptop, on pages of your books, etc. Eventually they will sink in!


Tip 2: Put on some Music

Listen to some relaxing or classical music when revising.

Bonus tip: Classical music won’t distract you like other types of music. You can’t beat some Mozart or Beethoven. Why not check out our Spotify revision playlists to help you get in the zone!


Tip 3: Treat yourself once in a while

Treat yourself when you meet a target.

Bonus tip: Dark chocolate contains high levels of flavanol which can improve blood flow to the brain, making it the perfect study treat!


Tip 4: Repeat, repeat and repeat

Write down ideas and formulas from memory every hour to make them stick.

Bonus tip: Repetition is the key to success! Keep working on your memory and you will know everything!


Tip 5: It’s shouldn’t be too easy

Use different fonts when revising.

Bonus tip: The serif fonts such as Times New Roman, Palatino, Bookman, Georgia and Courier are regarded as the easiest to read. Avoid them unless you have a lot of reading to do.


Tip 6: Turn off your phone

Turn off your smartphone.

I don’t really need to explain this one do I?


Tip 7: Make your work more colourful

Add colour to your work.

Bonus tip: Classify notes and revision into colours that indicate importance, definitions, theses, ideas, etc.


Tip 8: Sleeping counts as revision

Get a good night sleep!

Bonus tip: The time in which you sleep is the time your brain processes information from short-term memory to long-term memory, so definitely don’t feel guilty about hitting the hay.