I am a procrastination professional, without a doubt. Revision? You know I must clean my shoes. Essay deadline? I’ll FaceTime my old boss and see how he’s getting on. Bibliography? I think I’ll learn Chinese Mandarin this afternoon.

I say this, but for me, I’m actually not that bad at getting going, but I do take the mick when it comes to giving myself breaks. This being the fifth year of my academic journey that I’ve been required to revise, I’ve come up with a few revision break ideas that are enough to stop your brain from liquefying, while you still stay ‘in the zone.’

1. Make herbal tea

I get that tea isn’t for everyone, but even if it’s your bog-standard green tea from Lidl (working out at 59p a box) then at least its giving your body a gentle boost, while avoiding shaking hands and fuzzy eyes, induced from caffeine-heavy drinks.

mug of herbal tea

2. Why not ring home?

Or your nan? While Paula and Janet don’t know much about Broadcast Journalism or essay writing, they are very good stress relievers. I could talk to my Mum on the phone all day, and having easy, positive and obscenely hilarious conversations with someone you adore not only relaxes and entertains you, but also provides you brain with a gentle linguistic jog to keep it sharp and in gear.

3. Go and buy some food!

While some of my friends insist they find cooking therapeutic, I find it more unsettling. There is something about constantly being on the edge of burning your flat down, giving yourself food poisoning and charring everything in sight that leaving an unsavoury taste in my mouth (quite literally). Whether you get a meal deal from the student shop, or “Uber Eats” a “Maccies” to your place, food makes everyone happy, while not completely distracting you.

Fish and chips

4. Have a wash

Not because you smell, well actually you might do, but that’s beside the point. Having a quick shower will wake you up, refresh your thinking, and won’t challenge your mind. Plus you smell B-E-A-utiful.

5. Intense therapy…of the retail variety

ASOS and Ted Baker are my personal favourites when it comes to browsing the web when I’m completely skint – a bit of window shopping never hurt anyone. There is a tone of relaxation and calming brought to me when I browse for shopping online. If I’m not totally broke then I find it good to look for some new additions to my wardrobe. Another thing I find makes for a good break, while also motivating you, is looking on Rightmove. This might just be to my taste, but there is something quite fun about looking at colossal houses online – trust me and give it a go.

Lots of online deliveries