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New Chernobyl grant for Salford researchers Apr 06, 2017

  Dr Wood (second from left) and Dr Entwistle (4th from left) with some of their ‘RED FIRE’ collaborators at the edge of the Red Forest Award-winning researcher, Dr Mike Wood, is back in Chernobyl.  This time he’s accompanied by fellow Salford academic, Dr Neil Entwistle, as they undertake fieldwork in Chernobyl’s ‘Red Forest’ for […]

The Salford Lecture Series: How the environment affects the immune system Jul 14, 2017

Professorial Inaugural Lecture: Professor Joseph Jackson Tuesday 18 July 5.30pm Peel Building, Room 337 Join us for the inaugural lecture of Professor Joseph Jackson, Chair in Parasitology in the School of Environment & Life Sciences. Joe gained his PhD in Parasitology from the University of London, and took up his post at Salford in December […]

Environmental regeneration partnership Aug 01, 2017

Last month, colleagues from the Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre (EERC) in the School of Environment & Life Sciences visited the new Mersey Gateway Crossing between Widnes and Runcorn. As part of our ICZ partnership with the Mersey Gateway Environmental Trust (MGET), the area around the new toll bridge will be a ‘living laboratory’ to […]

New research on radiation and health in Chernobyl Sep 01, 2017

The University’s radiation research continues to expand, with Prof Joe Jackson, Prof Richard Birtles and Dr Kevin Bown from ELS joining Dr Mike Wood’s team of researchers studying the effects of radiation in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Their inclusion in the team brings leading expertise in parasitology and immune system function, opening new opportunities to […]

Manchester Science Festival 2017 – still lots going on! Oct 23, 2017

As lead Educational Sponsor of Manchester Science Festival, we are hosting some exciting interactive events as part of this creative celebration of science. Produced by the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Science Festival is the largest science festival in England beginning last Thursday and running through to 29 October. The range of events and […]

2017 Professorial and Readership promotions announced

Professor Helen Marshall Dear Colleagues, I am delighted to announce our new Professors and Readers for 2017. All have proved their sustained and recognised leadership and I warmly congratulate each one of them for achieving these well-deserved promotions. I am particularly pleased to see eight of the candidates are women, which ties in with our […]

Congratulations to Jim Newell, Italian Politics Specialist Group

The Italian Politics Specialist Group has been awarded £1,000 towards: ‘Italy in a world of uncertainty and change: getting to grips with the general election of 2018’.

Roundtable: “Italy in a world of uncertainty and change: getting to grips with the general election of 2018”

Room: Room E, City Hall Time Slot: Wednesday 28th March 13:30 – 15:00 Panel Chair: • Dr Arianna Giovannini (De Montfort University) Panel Members: • Professor James Newell (University of Salford) • Dr Simona Guerra (University of Liecester) • Dr Davide Vampa (Aston University) • Professor Anna Bull (University of Bath) The Italian general election […]

Workshop on the dynamics of competition between populist challengers and mainstream parties in Europe today

22-23 January 2018, University of Birmingham A Workshop co-organised by the PSA’s Italian Politics Specialist Group, the “Parties, Voters and Elections Research Group” of the Department of Political Science and International Studies of the University of Birmingham, and the Department of Politics and International Relations at Aston University. Room: 429, fourth floor, Muirhead Tower Session […]

The great illusionist: Silvio Berlusconi and Italian politics, James L. Newell,Manchester University Press, 2018

This book is about one of the most remarkable European politicians of recent decades, the four times prime minister and media mogul, Silvio Berlusconi, and about his contribution to the dramatic changes that have overtaken Italian politics since the early 1990s. Since 2013, Berlusconi’s career seems to have entered a new and possibly final phase, […]