Gordon Fletcher

Salford Business School and the Experience Economy

By Nicola McCullough, Alex Culvin, Gordon Fletcher & Alex Fenton As we consume less things, we seek out more experiences. There is a growing trend for people to spend money on experiences not things. This movement away from the pivotal importance of purchasing and owning things can be described as the rise of the Experience […]

The Rise of Fractal Politics

“The rise of fractal politics” was first submitted to the Nine Dots Prize in response to the question, “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?” The essay was written as a thought piece prior to the announcement of the 2017 UK General Election. Fractal Politics In this essay “the rise of fractal politics” describes the current state […]

Is the Social Media Bubble about to burst?

Social Media Bubble questions resurface whenever Social Media attracts bad press. For example, claims that paid ads receive low levels of engagement, or that social media is a waste of time for marketers are contributing to this thinking. These statements appear to have practical support. Twitter recently announced redundancies and as a result its panicked users […]

Drone delivery is important #DronyMcDroneface

The recent announcement that the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will work with Amazon to test drone delivery services has been met with a series of largely negative comments. The Sun called the experiment controversial and the Telegraph implied that some testing had already occurred around the Amazon Prime Air service. The majority of reports did successfully identify the […]

Pokemon Go App and the rise of #PokeBusiness

There is no questioning the phenomenal rise of Pokémon Go app into our collective consciousness. The evidence is significant. Just two examples include, Pokémon Go app claims more players than Twitter users in the US and is the most downloaded app in its first week ever. Perhaps even greater evidence of the scale of this free game’s impact is the rapid […]

Five reasons to print a magazine in 2016

With the release of the second issue of Salford Business School’s Ignited magazine, the most frequent question that I have been asked is simply, “Why?” “Why?” is such a provocative question and on so many levels. This alone is reason enough to respond. The underlying assumption in these enquiries is that everything should be solely […]

2015: the year of connected business

Five weeks into my new role as Dean of Salford Business School and I find myself at an important juncture of (furious) activity. To date, my personal challenge has been to balance a combination of pressures. As a leading business school, we must ensure that we are fully capable to meet the needs of our […]

Digital Business Maturity Model: The future of #DigitalBusiness

At the Centre for Digital Business we have recently been discussing what digital business is, the future of digital business and ways to understand the stages of digital development for any business. The contrasts between Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Multi-national Organisations (LMOs) are usually quite obvious in any comparative survey of business maturity or readiness. But, digital is different. […]

Bitcoin’s blockchain could revolutionise more than just how we do #business

Efforts to explain Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have generally focused on how they are both a new form of money as well as a challenge to existing forms of money. Cryptocurrencies are novel as they are only possible because of the ready availability of high-speed computing and networks. They are a challenge to today’s […]

5 management lessons that you learn from #Pinterest

In the ten years since Tim O’Reilly coined and popularised the concept of Web 2.0 it has become the basis for many claims and blames. Invoking Web 2.0 has also become the vehicle by which many traditional roles are being redefined and extended (or at least claimed to be). One of the most noticeable of these […]