Salford Advantage Fund

Univision: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

Get ready to be dazzled as the School of Arts, Media, and Creative Technology at the University of Salford presents Univision, a collaborative entertainment showcase like no other! Inspired by the legendary Eurovision Song Contest, this electrifying event brings together students from diverse disciplines to ignite the stage with an explosion of talent and innovation.

At Univision, it’s not about competition; it’s about collaboration. Students unite to produce a spectacle that transcends boundaries, featuring captivating, diverse performances from music, dance to mesmerizing animations. With expert support in costume design, lighting, technical theatre, and media operations, the New Adelphi Theatre transforms into a hub of creativity, engaging audiences in an unforgettable experience.

But Univision is more than just a showcase—it’s a journey of professional development. Students step into leadership roles, navigate strict budgets, and innovate in their fields, gaining invaluable experience for their future careers. This extracurricular endeavor emphasizes accountability and prepares participants for success in the dynamic world of creative industries. This technical exploration is paving the way for future large-scale projects and sparking interest in new collaborative initiatives between the music and media departments.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 22 May, and witness the magic unfold at the New Adelphi Theatre, University of Salford. Doors open at 7:00 PM and don’t miss the afterparty, where we’ll celebrate the hard work and achievements of all involved, fostering a spirit of community and camaraderie.

Tickets are available from Wednesday 8May, so grab yours here.

Special thanks to the Salford Advantage fund for their generous support in making Univision possible. Let’s make this night one to remember!