Students and Scholarships

Scholar Spotlight: Lee

Scholar Lee Taylor enjoying a walk with family.

Lee, a first year Mental Health Nurse, secured a scholarship from the Gittins Family Charitable Trust in 2022.

In the last academic year we joined forces with The Gittins Family Charitable Trust to address the gender imbalance in nurses, and to help to create a diverse student community. The Gittins Family Charitable Trust was established by Brian Gittins (prior to his death in 2016) together with his older sister Sheila Gittins. Its purpose is to encourage students into engineering, manufacturing and healthcare roles.

Lee has expressed his upmost gratitude to the Gittins Family, for their support and encouragement. Lee looks forward to providing them with his academic journey over the next few years, “I’d just like to say a huge thank you again to the Gittins family for everything they are doing for people like me. It’s so amazing to know that we have this additional support to help us through this challenging chapter in our lives”.

To find out more about the ways you can support vital scholarships at the University of Salford, visit Giving To Salford.