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Thermocill: Committed to Achieving Net Zero

Thermocill is a solutions company that delivers, affordable, low-emission, and environmentally friendly products. Focused on delivering affordable, effective, low-emission, and sustainable housing. Through the Thermocill Trust, they want to provide energy-efficient modular homes for the homeless.

Through donating £10,000 to the Friends of Energy House 2.0 (FoEH2) Impact Fund, Thermocill has demonstrated its passion for fuelling the development of energy-efficient homes. The FoEH2 Impact Fund is a collective source of funding with an ambition to drive activity and extend the reach of the new Energy House 2.0 facility through supporting Women in STEM PhD Studentships, Educational Outreach Programmes and student and local community initiatives.

Through the Impact Fund, Thermocill’s generosity and mission can be fulfilled through supporting research and education at our Energy House 2.0 facility.

Thermocill’s message is simple, as described by CEO Keith Rimmer: “It really doesn’t need to cost the earth by profiting from simple solutions that will benefit so many and save so much, while waiting for others to invent, innovate and provide sustainable offerings. Our ethos is to provide energy-efficient solutions to today’s issues that have never been investigated or solved due to the lack of innovation and practical approach to heat loss of existing materials & products within the building materials sector – our market is endless…yet our time is limited.”

We cannot wait to see how Thermocill’s donation to the FoEH2 impact fund will support future research, education, and the wider Salford community.