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BNY Mellon – Business in Focus Event

BNY Mellon, one of the funding partners of the IntoUniversity centre at the Beacon Centre in Salford, recently collaborated with students for an enriching volunteering opportunity. Hosted at BNY Mellon’s offices, the event welcomed 30 Year 10 students from IntoUniversity Salford Central for a Music Charity Business in FOCUS Day.

The Business in FOCUS Day offered an immersive experience where students formed teams to create, promote, and manage their own charitable initiatives. Guided by 13 BNY Mellon volunteers, the students delved into real-world business scenarios, learning invaluable lessons in teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Volunteers mentored and advised the students, helping them discover their strengths, step out of their comfort zones, and effectively communicate their ideas. The day culminated in the students showcasing their efforts, demonstrating teamwork and professionalism.

Reflecting on the experience, both volunteers and students expressed enthusiasm for the learning opportunities provided. When asked what they had enjoyed most about the session, one volunteer said, ‘Seeing the confidence of the children grow and achieve more than they thought possible’.

Meanwhile, students relished the chance to work as a team, tackle challenges head-on, and interact with professionals in a genuine business setting.

BNY Mellon’s commitment to supporting education is really highlighted through events like the Business in FOCUS Day. By fostering collaboration and skill development, BNY Mellon continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students at IntoUniversity Salford Central.