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Elmhurst Energy: Leading the Way in UK Energy Assessment, Retrofit, and Professional Training

With three decades of experience, Elmhurst is the UK’s largest independent provider of energy assessment, retrofit and property professional training, software, and accreditation. Elmhurst has trained tens of thousands of individuals, providing them with industry recognised qualifications, and the skills required to build a successful career in energy assessment.

Elmhurst’s unrivalled technical support, innovative software and comprehensive training mean that our members are well-equipped to assess domestic and non-domestic buildings and complete accurate Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). With our expansive membership, Elmhurst now processes over 70% of all EPC submissions in the UK.

Alongside our high-quality products and services, Elmhurst continues to drive the industry forward by pushing for important changes in regulation. We aim to ensure that the topic of energy efficiency is always at the forefront of the political and business agenda and that progress is being made toward a more sustainable and energy efficient future.

Elmhurst’s Involvement in Friends of Energy 2.0

Elmhurst is a proud member of Friends of Energy House 2.0 and a donor to the Impact Fund. We are currently working with the Energy House team on several key areas to better understand how buildings perform and how to address the various challenges of achieving net zero buildings.

The laboratory itself allows us to see and understand the actual performance of buildings and services in ‘real world’ conditions. This includes extreme temperatures and weather conditions, which have become more prominent in recent decades in the UK. Particular focus will also be placed on SAP results modelling for future homes and the systems that are being installed.

Research conducted at the facility will allow the industry to gain a better understanding of the actual energy performance of buildings and consider important changes to the regulations and methodologies. On a wider scale, this will play a crucial role in accelerating the UK’s progress toward low carbon and net zero housing; while also playing a key part in the battle to reduce fuel poverty, tackle climate change, and create more comfortable and safe buildings for everyone.

Andrew Parkin, Technical Development Director

I am thrilled that Elmhurst is a member of Friends of Energy House 2.0. This partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to drive for net zero buildings and create a more sustainable industry.

The research conducted will continue to drive the industry forward. We will not only gain a better understanding of the energy performance of buildings, both old and new, but can start to make vital updates to the regulations and methodologies that govern this environment. Even better, the research has the potential to transcend industry and reshape our collective thinking and understanding of energy efficiency.

I am personally looking forward to seeing how new technologies and measures develop and become part of our armoury of solutions in the battle against climate change, particularly as the country’s 2050 net-zero target approaches the horizon.

I look forward to our continuing work with the Energy House team and to seeing the progress made from this important research.