Haworth Trust Life Drawing Class

The University of Salford and the Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology are once again indebted to the Haworth Trust for providing the funding to host The Haworth Life Drawing Series and exhibition in this academic year. The Life Class is organised and administered by the BA (Hons) Fine Art programme.  It is now in its ninth year. Founded by Jeremy Haworth in 1990, the Haworth Trust gives financial support to deserving young people with exceptional talent who are determined to make a career in the arts, especially in painting and music.

The Haworth Trust enables the school to host a Life Class for 20 weeks per academic year on Wednesday afternoons and a further 10 specialists ‘Masterclasses’ which take place on alternate weeks on Wednesday mornings.

The Fine Art team have observed a resurgence of interest in traditional techniques of painting and drawing in the last five years. Artists and students alike are reverting to their own bodies as a way of exploring their place in the world. This year approximately 110 students from 10 programmes throughout the school took part in the life drawing sessions.

The Haworth Trust Life Drawing Prize offers students a great incentive to participate in the sessions and a wonderful opportunity to study work, first-hand, in a major European museum/gallery.

The winners and other selected works chosen by the Fine Art team and Greg Fenwick are currently on show in an exhibition at the New Adelphi building.

The exhibition in April was a celebration of the year’s work and awarding of prizes. Historically, the exhibition has been in the old Old Fire Station, but this year, it moved to the New Adelphi building and it was overwhelmingly popular and perpetuated a significant increase in attendance. Feedback from students and academics throughout the building has been resoundingly positive.

 ‘The classes have made a significant difference to the observation skills of the foundation students that attended.  Confidence in mark making gestural and dynamic lines has been much improved. Irrespective of degree the disciple the fundamental fluency of hand eye coordination has revealed itself as key.Matthew Morriss, Programme Leader Foundation

Prize Winners 2024

1st Prize Mia Cinus

Mia Cinus 2024

Oil pastel on paper

2nd Prize Maria Scott

Untitled 2024

Acrylic on found cardboard

Maria Scott

3rd Prize Okechukwu Ikeme

Untitled 2024

Acrylic on canvas board

Okechukwu Ikeme

Highly Commended

Rebecca Riley

Harry Mfum

Robert McLeod

Elizabeth Hearfield

Kristen Lai

Ruby 2024

Acrylic on canvas

Kristen Lai

‘We are delighted with the level of engagement and the quality of the work produced by our students, and we are looking forward to their ongoing development in the coming years.’

Dr Angela Tait, Academic Fellow, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Students and Scholarships

Scholar Spotlight: Caitlin

Caitlin is a second-year Sound Engineering and Production student who was awarded the Gittins Family Charitable Trust scholarship in Engineering due to her excellent academic record and strong application, in addition to her proactive nature. The Gittins Family Trust is a charity focused on supporting students in engineering, manufacturing, and health work and has supported the University since 2022 by providing diversity-focused scholarships to provide opportunities for more women in engineering, and men in nursing alongside students coming from low-income backgrounds.

Caitlin expresses that she ‘felt so lucky to be rewarded with the scholarship’ and was encouraged to apply due to support from mentors from our Go Beyond Event which is focused on supporting the growth and development of Women in Engineering. ‘When I was awarded the scholarship, I was so proud of myself! I had to write a piece on why I think I deserve the scholarship and for other people to see potential in me as well is such an amazing feeling.’

The scholarship funding has supported Caitlin to ‘gain valuable experience to be brought back to the classroom.’ Outside of studying Caitlin has been proactively seeking work experience in the world of sound engineering and production, she reached out to a live music venue local to her and got work experience doing sound mixing for performing bands for a few weeks.

The support from the scholarship has enabled Caitlin to gain access to amazing opportunities such as being a technical manager at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Caitlin has said, ‘this scholarship has helped me to fund my train tickets to be able to work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2023 and 2024’.

In addition to working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Caitlin has worked at ‘Sounds from the other City’ (SFTOC) and Langworthy Live, ‘I feel I have not only gained experience, but I have gained a lot more confidence and have done a lot more events I feel I wouldn’t have done previously.’

Donor-Funded Scholarships and Bursaries make a huge difference to our students educational experience, it allows them to gain valuable experience and purchase materials to help with their studies, that may not have been possible before.

If you want to read more stories like Caitlins, click the drop under ‘Students and Scholarships’. If you want to help fund our scholarships, we would love to hear from you, you can email us at or simply donate here.

Salford Advantage Fund

Univision: Where Creativity Takes Center Stage

Get ready to be dazzled as the School of Arts, Media, and Creative Technology at the University of Salford presents Univision, a collaborative entertainment showcase like no other! Inspired by the legendary Eurovision Song Contest, this electrifying event brings together students from diverse disciplines to ignite the stage with an explosion of talent and innovation.

At Univision, it’s not about competition; it’s about collaboration. Students unite to produce a spectacle that transcends boundaries, featuring captivating, diverse performances from music, dance to mesmerizing animations. With expert support in costume design, lighting, technical theatre, and media operations, the New Adelphi Theatre transforms into a hub of creativity, engaging audiences in an unforgettable experience.

But Univision is more than just a showcase—it’s a journey of professional development. Students step into leadership roles, navigate strict budgets, and innovate in their fields, gaining invaluable experience for their future careers. This extracurricular endeavor emphasizes accountability and prepares participants for success in the dynamic world of creative industries. This technical exploration is paving the way for future large-scale projects and sparking interest in new collaborative initiatives between the music and media departments.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 22 May, and witness the magic unfold at the New Adelphi Theatre, University of Salford. Doors open at 7:00 PM and don’t miss the afterparty, where we’ll celebrate the hard work and achievements of all involved, fostering a spirit of community and camaraderie.

Tickets are available from Wednesday 8May, so grab yours here.

Special thanks to the Salford Advantage fund for their generous support in making Univision possible. Let’s make this night one to remember!