Student Engagement

Engineering Futures: Inspiring Insights from the Gerry Mason Scholarship Networking Event

Gerry Mason Scholarship recipients had the opportunity to visit Morson Projects HQ earlier this month, where they gained insights in to Morson’s background, the origins of the scholarship, and explored potential career paths. The scholarship was established in 2015 in memory of Gerry Mason, who founded the Morson Group in 1969. The scholarship continues in his legacy by enabling budding engineers to study degree-level courses rooted in STEM. Ged Mason, CEO of Morson International, has said, ‘The Mason family are proud to support the Gerry Mason Scholarship bursary, supporting over 50 students to date. Our partnership with Salford University is delivering real change by attracting new talent to technical sectors and developing the next generation of engineers, as well as helping those from underprivileged background achieve their dream in STEM. I am proud to be continuing my father’s legacy.’

Maria Stukoff, the Director of the Maker Space, set the tone for the event, emphasising the significance of connecting with professionals from Morson Group, ‘to kickstart their professional network and to foster a forward-thinking perspective towards what their future careers in engineering.’ Maria highlighted the unique opportunity for Gerry Mason Engineering scholars to engage with Morson Group’s, engineers, and architects who talked about their different career paths. This interaction promised not only to kickstart their professional networks but also to in still a forward-thinking perspective crucial for navigating the dynamic landscape of engineering. Andy Hassall, Associate Director of Business Development, echoed Maria’s sentiment, underlining the enthusiastic reception from the Gerry Mason scholars, he said, ‘They were engaged and inspired by the information provided on potential career paths, showcasing the positive impact it had on their future aspirations.’

For scholars, the event was more than just an informative session, it was an eye opener to different career paths. Serena, one of the Gerry Mason scholars, encapsulated the essence of the event, ‘I truly enjoyed hearing from professionals in different fields talk about their own experiences, and journeys. I liked hearing that I can explore other areas within engineering.’ It opened their eyes to the vast spectrum of opportunities within the field of engineering, transcending the boundaries of their current coursework.

In conclusion, the networking event at Morson Projects HQ was not just a gathering of professionals and scholars; it was a catalyst for growth and exploration. It served as a reminder that in the ever-evolving landscape of engineering, opportunities abound for those willing to venture beyond the familiar and embrace different engineering career paths.