Search Social Media Marketing testimonials

Naomi Fulwood

Communications Manager at Oddfellows Read Naomi’s blog post Are silver surfers social media gold

Jamie Carter

Marketing/Digital Design Manager/SEO/ Web Design Read Jamie’s blog post on the 12 days of optimised ecommerce website build
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Chris Ellison

Marketing Assistant at PJ Web Solutions Read what are your five most effective link building strategies? – a blog post written by Chris Ellison.
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Michael Fraser

Project Manager at Sizzle Media Michael’s blog post: Are mobile phones turning us into anti-social individuals?
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Steven Flower

Technology Enabler at Substance Read Steven’s blog post on five ways to get people on board your search and social media marketing journey.
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Richard Hayes

Marketing Officer at School of Art & Design, The University of Salford Read Richard’s blog post on: How do I use Social Media in Higher Education?
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Keith Hobson

Director at Cortelmedia Read Keith’s blog post – Search & Social Media Marketing (SSMM) – Results
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Noel Mellor

Copywriter, journalist, blogger Read Noel’s blog post on Film festival marketing, social media and adopting the right approach.
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Alastair Walker

Freelance copywriter at Source PR Cheshire Read Alastair’s blog post: #SSMM SEO and Social Media: Show me the money
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