Puro y Simple: more than just a family business

Family businesses within the food industry are very common. Mine is a very pure and simple business. ‘Puro y Simple” (”pure and simple’ in English) is a wholemeal bread manufacturer based in Venezuela. Since 1981, Puro y Simple has specialized on offering Venezuelans an alternative to the traditional white bread, natural wholemeal bread of the highest […]

What did Salford MBA students do in May 2014?

I am an MBA student at the University of Salford.  I chose Salford University as I felt that the rich and extensive programme they offer would be the most beneficial and useful for my career progression. Part of the Salford MBA course is a customary trip abroad to visit different business’ and business schools. This year […]

Passing on the Digital Marketing Strategy Baton…

I have now been lucky enough to spend a year at Salford Business School, working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Digital Marketing Executive. This is a position which revolves around a project between the university and their partner Pennine Telecom. In this role so far, I have researched multi-channel digital marketing strategies and I […]

Salford MBA International Trip to Brazil

In May of this year, the Salford MBA students were given the opportunity to take part in an MBA International Trip. The choices provided were Almeria in Spain, Hong Kong or Brazil. The latter destination was most appealing to me, not just because of the impending World Cup, but because as an emerging market there […]

Malawi Needs a Digital Marketer: Salford Business School can help you

In Malawi the field of digital marketing remains relatively underdeveloped and neglected. For me, someone who is passionate about digital marketing, this is a challenge to develop my career in this area. The universities and educational opportunities in Malawi are likewise unable to help me to fulfil my career ambitions. In contrast to Malawi, the […]

How to get a PhD at Salford Business School – Dr. Alaa Garad achieves the dream

Becoming a distinguished professor, adding value to my students, family and community – this has always been my dream. This is now a reality, thanks to the wonderful support  I received from Salford Business School. I began my PhD journey in 2006. My research was in Organizational Learning under the supervision of Dr. Sudi Sharifi, […]

Business and Law Masterclasses @ MediaCityUK

The business and law masterclass sessions provide an unique opportunity for businesses to hear from our leading industry experts and academics on critical business issues. The last postgraduate business and law masterclass  took place on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 at University of Salford’s cutting edge MediaCityUK facilities. This learning and networking opportunity gave business leaders the chance […]

Prince Philip, Cargo Cult island – Tanna and Survivorship Bias

The recent release of a book by Matthew Bayliss concerning the South Pacific tribe who worship Prince Philip echoes my own experience and observation of cargo cults at Salford Business School in reverse and, consequently, draws me to an alternative set of observations and conclusions. For example, there is the Prince Philip cargo cult island […]

Salford Business School visit to Ghana and scholarship winner

The University of Salford and Salford Business School recently featured in two big and very different events in Ghana. The University attended the February UK Higher Education Exhibition and over a two day period advised over 250 students, and then attended a garden party at the Minister’s residence. Staff, students and alumni had a great […]