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We recently caught up with Civil Engineering graduates Mia, Class of 2022, and Jagger, Class of 2019, who found employment at MGF after being financially and professionally supported by the company throughout their Salford journey.

(Left) Jagger Gledhill and (Right) Mia Charnock

Mia and Jagger described how the quality of lectures was a key part of both of their experiences at Salford, and they spoke highly of how their lecturers had a wealth of industry experience. Reflecting on how Salford helped prepare him for his current position, Jagger said: ”Because of the industry experience of our lecturers, the design work was more realistic and reflective of work outside the university. My dissertation was also tilted towards Temporary Works which is what I do now.”

Like Jagger, Mia found her lecturers’ industry experience key: “All our lecturers were specialised in different fields of engineering; they throw information into your lectures that is specific to their industry”

The MGF scholarship had a profound impact on Mia and Jagger’s studies. Jagger described the impact of the support MGF provided: “I was the first to go to university and my parents could not support me in any way, so MGF helped financially. This meant I didn’t have to work or scrimp and save my way through university and could focus academically. The sponsorship also meant I could get onto summer placements, which kept me topped up over the summer and ready for the next academic year. I enjoyed university and the course, but I didn’t have a direction and almost quit in my first year. Placements helped me discover temporary works and I got to manage a project during my year in the industry, which set me up for work. Steve (Director of Engineering at MGF) came in to speak to us about temporary works and that’s when I realised that it’s for me.”

Mia also appreciated the financial relief that MGF provided, as well as the networking opportunities, which pushed her career forward: “MGF helped me financially as I did not have to work as many hours, as at the time I had three jobs. I also could afford better technology and had more free time. Socially, I was able to attend meetings and events, which meant I could network and gave me more opportunities within the industry. Without these, I would not have met Jagger or applied for a job at MGF.

Now working at MGF as a Graduate Design Engineer, Mia described what makes MGF a great place to work including the flexibility of her work, continuous development, and how MGF values everyone in the business: “I like a few things about MGF, such as the flexibility. It isn’t completely office based and I get to go on-site and can see my designs and build relationships, which builds a wider outlook on the business. There are also lots of opportunities for development, and people in more senior positions respect you equally and listen to what you have to say. During my probation I was asked to give my opinion, which made me feel listened to. I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t feel listened to.”

Jagger feels valued at MGF and loves how closely everyone worked together and the opportunities to learn: “I agree with Mia, it’s a family business and it’s not big. The last place I worked was huge and I felt like a number whereas here you feel everyone is working together for the same reasons. From new starters to directors, everyone respects each other. I came in just after this division had launched and it’s been great to develop the engineering team and how we draw and design projects because it’s all new. We get to go outside to learn how the designs are installed, show customers how it works and build relationships with them and the sales team. You are part of everything. If you want to progress, MGF will help you progress, be it technical or managerial, MGF will help you do what you want to do and are big on pushing professional qualifications through the Institute of Civil Engineers.”

Donor-funded scholarships and bursaries offer a financial lifeline to those who need it most. Securing a scholarship is not only a non-repayable award for our students, but a moment of recognition and a vote of confidence that we believe in their ability and potential. We are always looking to establish scholarships, bursaries and prizes to support students from widening participation backgrounds and across all fields of study, so if you are a friend, graduate, industry partner, charitable trust/foundation and would like to discuss establishing a Scholarship Programme, please contact our Development Team at

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