Eco Home Uk talk SSMM and boilers – You can do it!

By Aug.05, 2014

Article by Rob Cook of Eco Home Uk

Search Engine Optimization you can do it! We’re all fascinated with it we all think we understand elements of it, we get frustrated with it and the mystery that’s created by professionals who have manipulated our gullible nature and our hard earned cash! The dirty word is of course SEO (search engine optimization).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization “Bull S#@t” for hire             

With the sheer volume of SEO’s available for hire all promising the same thing different day! It can seem like you’re forced to choose from the best of a bad bunch, but if you don’t engage you feel as if you could be missing out on revenue! After all that’s what it’s all about, we expect to optimize our websites to increase brand awareness, sales revenue and bottom line profit!

What can be done to combat bad SEO companies? 

Knowledge is power and with search engine optimization firms claiming to have the know-how “but it’s gonna take time and a boat load of cash”. This brings me up to date with our predicament that’s why we decided to gain expert, inside knowledge on the SSMM training course with Salford University. The course has been invaluable; It’s given us the knowledge base and ability to physically put into practice our new found skills! We took our tired non-functioning site and replaced it with a new site/URL that we started rite in terms of SEO, call to action, interest and desire! What’s more the results have been astonishing. We’ve now received more leads in a week than we did in 6 months from the old site and it’s all organic search results no Pay per click! The beauty of this course from our perspective is that its broken down into small weekly sections and by having it structured this way it allows you to go away and implement your learning’s before the next week’s session.

How we got search engine optimisation working for us

We now have a mobile friendly website, it has call to action, our social media icons work properly. Our pages have been key word selected and optimised and it have “good quality content” did I mention that its key to have good quality content? Our meta descriptions are easy and cheesy, our videos and images are alt attributed for keywords too and the site structure flows. In essence we haven’t done that much, but its been done right and it will require constant upkeep, and its something you can achieve too. We wanted to sell more boilers and that’s what were doing.

ECO HOME OLD                     ECO-HOME NEW search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation summary

I don’t want to label all SEO’s with the same poop stick you may find one that works well for you, however this is likely to cost big money. With the SSMM course from Salford University you have the benefit of knowing when an SEO firm is ill advising, not performing and out and out taking your money and not providing a service. Get involved now learn today, earn tomorrow!