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By Nov.27, 2014

Fell Promotions has been a well established promotional company in Huddersfield for over 12 years specialising in embroidered clothing, print and promotional goods. However, in the last few years the company has shown significant growth and is now attracting customers from all over the country. Fell’s success came with such momentum, that it was difficult at times for the company to keep up with and so the media element of the company was left slightly neglected.

Aware of the importance of brand image in the promotional industry, Fell embraced the world of social media to attract more clients and to engage with their customers. Since January 2014 Fell have been actively using social media to promote new offers, products and company updates. Sales have risen by an estimated 25% since then. To identify where the extra sales were coming from staff were told to ask new clients where they had heard of us and sure enough the main sources were twitter and Facebook.

Fell maintain high production values as they rely heavily on word of mouth to attract new business as the local embroidery company. This is fantastic for the company locally but the problem with word of mouth is it doesn’t project everything we do as a company – which is exactly what social media can do!

Impressed with the wave of customers social media had brought our way, we decided it was time to celebrate our success via a re-brand to solidify our new image across all channels. This was also a great opportunity to practice what we preach by showing how social media and promotions can go hand in hand to create more sales!

Since social media has been such a credit to our success we’ve had a big push on trying to encourage our customers to include their social media details on their clothing, promotional items and stationery. It sounds obvious to include those details but a lot of companies shy away from doing so because they don’t have many likes or followers, but it’s important to build on that and show that you are active!

Like most businesses involved with design we too notice different trends in how companies market themselves. A popular idea at the moment is to only include social media details on promotional items, to tempt the receiver into finding out more about them. A lot of companies direct traffic to their website through social media, with the intention of gaining more likes and followers. Social media symbols are being increasingly popular on embroidered and printed company uniforms particularly for events because it enhances the idea of a large following.

In  January 2015 we are  launching our re-brand in conjunction with our new website so it is super important that we promote the launch as much as possible through our social media outlets and by using our promotional expertise! Combining the two we have come up with a Christmas Promotional gift that not only thanks our customers but rewards them on their next purchase and invites them to engage with us via social media.

We have replaced the Christmas cards with individually branded Santa hats with the logos of the companies we have done work within the past 12 months. The idea behind this is to wish our clients a Merry Christmas and show our appreciation by making them bespoke hats that they can use to promote themselves.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to reward our customers by offering them 10% off their January order when they tweet us a picture of themselves in their hats! Great opportunity for both parties to get their brand out there and the fun element captures the essence of the festive period! This offer is presented to them in celebration of the launch of the new website which is also in Janaury – perfect time to have a look for what is new to order!

Engagement with our clients is something we really want to push for in 2015 with the inclusion of social media buttons and review pages on our new website. We really want to push the products that we are not known for at present which includes safety workwear, fashionable workwear and to show the huge range of promotional giveaways we have to offer! We’ll be following these products up with regular blogs to give customers ideas for their business promotions.

Over the past year Fell Promotion’s social media has played a massive part in its development as a business. Signing up to the search and social media course has provided us with the skills and confidence to create a high ranking website and the knowledge to maintain it! Our hope is that our 2015 re-brand will set an example to our customers and inspire them to promote themselves with our services.

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