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By Nov.17, 2010

The SSMM, or Search & Social Media Marketing, course commenced in September 2010. The course took place each Wednesday evening from 16.00 hrs to approximately 20.00 hrs for ten weeks, providing classroom tuition and access to SEMPO Institute accreditation via online course work and exams.

Search Engine Optimisation for Dummies gave me a headache!

Prior to joining the SSMM course I was self-taught in the wonders of the web. I spent many nights staring at a computer screen reading and absorbing all Google had to offer. After the euphoria of uploading a site and finding that it doesn’t works in a fashion. I was asked the question “where, is my site, I can’t find it“.

Trying to find the answer brought me into the world of search engine optimisation. Back to wearing my Google specs to find some answers, reading “Search Engine Optimisation for Dummies” gave me a headache, but provided answers to some of the questions I was being asked. Joining the Search Social Media Marketing course has made me less anti-social and reduced the headaches!

Salford University removes the veil of mystery surrounding Search and Social Media Marketing

Dr Aleksej Heinze, the Seach & Socail Media Marketing programme leader and numerous guest speakers have taken the delegates of the course from keyword searching to site structure content placement and from on page optimisation to off page optimisation best practices. The course also taught us how to use analytics and various other measurements to track and adjust progress of a website. Making use of Web 2.0 or social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to protect and promote your business.

SSMM results

During the course I have applied the techniques we have learned, to a website I have been working on. I have got to state that this might not work for everybody but it did for me! The site I have produced has reached page one on Google for one of the competitive search terms I have used, despite the opposition that provides “About 198,000 results” via Google. My client has allowed me to quote the success we have achieved, but has requested that I don’t quote the site in this blog. A link to my company’s site is below.

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