SEO & Social Media Training Giveaway

By May.18, 2011

SEO & Social Media Marketing free training

The SEO & Social Media Training Giveaway is now CLOSED! The winner will be announced on the 1st September 2011 at the SSMM Open Evening.

This is a unique opportunity to join a course that is regularly oversubscribed – it is more than a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Training course – you will have a chance to learn from experts in the industry from:

  • Brilliant Media
  • Latitude Digital Marketing
  • MEC Manchester
  • Pleer SEO & Web Design
  • PushON
  • Salford Business School
  • SEMPO Institute

This is your opportunity to win a free place on a Search & Social Media Marketing course worth £2000 – this includes both the Foundation and the Professional course course as well as three online SEMPO courses!

What do you have to do?

Simply write a comment on this blog post with the reasons why it should by YOU who gets the free place on the Search & Social Media Marketing course!

*Terms and Conditions

1. There is no cash alternative available.
2. Prize is only valid for the Search and Social Media Marketing Course at the University of Salford during academic year 2011/12.
3. One entry per person.
4. The prize is not transferable.
5. Competition closes on Thursday 25th August at 12:00 noon.
6. Details of the winner will be announced at the Search and Social Media Marketing Open Day on Thursday 1st September 2011 and published on
7. The competition is not open to University of Salford staff.
8. Entries will be judged by the Search and Social Media Marketing Programme Team.
9. Entrants must be contactable by email within a week of the closing date.

31 thoughts on “SEO & Social Media Training Giveaway

  1. Joe White says:

    Hi guys, I think it should be me because social media is all about real time and I am the first to comment. Simples 🙂

  2. Angela Todd says:

    When I look up ‘Social Media’ in the ‘Angela Todd dictionary’ this is what it says = ex·cit·iiiiing, amazing, BUUUZZZ, Vast, bona-fide, the future – (not garlic bread), Phenomenon ….more than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums are shared each month, I want to be a part of that…I want to live it, breeeeath it, feel it! Oh place please be mine?

  3. Sarah Elison says:

    my post is a bit more boring and serious than the previous ones. But then my reason for wanting this training is quite a serious one! it should be me that wins the place because im a final year PhD student who has been using social media to recruit participants to my study which is part of a larger portfolio of work by the World Health Organisation. Its been a steep learning curve as i knew hardly anything about social media in research a couple of months ago. But im starting to realise what an important tool it can be when conducting important world-wide health research. So if i win the place I intend to use the knowledge I gain to aid further work intended to addressing world-wide public health issues.

  4. John Bidder says:

    I’d love to be on this course because I aim to never stop learning, connecting and collaborating. Thanks for sharing the link Aleksej – an opportunity doesn’t come up like this every day and it’s fitting it came through Facebook!

  5. I should get the free place because I’m a recruitment consultant and it would be a great opportunity for me to tap up your teaching staff leading industry roles 😉

  6. Ian Goodall says:

    I think you should offer me the place because I have just started my career in SEO and would love the opportunity to build upon the limited experience I have and be able to deliver real value to my employer.

  7. I would love to take part in this course because as the only in-house Online Marketing member, I find it very difficult to keep up with the fast paced world of SEO and social media; knowing what advice is truly worth implementing and what is hearsay. I work for a business that has very little budget to put towards large training courses so to win a place would be awesome 🙂

  8. Zubair says:

    I have worked within print media for over nine years as media sales executive and I have worked with national newspaper as well as regional press . I fully understand how print media works. Now I need to progress further and keen to learn more about online marketing. So I can continue doing what I am best at, I mean selling media.

  9. I attended Salford University between 1998-2001 and studied Graphic Design, this course set me up for working in the design industry and I have had a successful career to date running my own design agency in Manchester. My business has to move with the times and SEO is something my clients are demanding on a daily basis. As an alumni I cant think of a better environment to learn the subject of SEO than a return to Salford University. I will take the skills you teach me straight back into the industry, and continue to service clients across a wider range of core disciplines.

  10. goseethem says:

    A lot of people claim to be social media experts these days, I would like to go as the companies are top notch. I hope though it will not be a course teaching you how to do “webspeak”. lol

  11. Stephanie says:

    I think I should be chosen as I have recently started a new job and part of my role is Marketing. With no previous marketing experience I am feeling my way through the art of social networking on online profiles. I’d like to think I am doing an okay job but there is still a lot to learn and I would love the opportunity to branch out in this exciting new aspect of my career.

  12. Stuart says:

    If chosen I would put the knowledge to work within the local community, helping the local public and private sector to achieve through correct diagnosis and strategy, via a “business clinic” approach. I would also be happy to support any feedback required for the course to improve and develop.

  13. Chris Marsh says:

    I think that I should be chosen for this course as my company provides hosting services to the Creative Digital sector in Manchester and I need to keep up with the times! I recently read that 41% of UK companies use social media to find new business which, if I applied the skills learned on this course, would enable us to grow. We’re a Manchester based company on Manchester Science Park.

  14. I am a BBC Innovation Award winning journalist from Salford that has spent a lot of time working in the media industry. I have recently learned how to use html and would like to improve my knowledge on SEO.

    I am working with a the online editor for a new media start up in Media City UK with I am working with people at Salford University who will be closely linked to the development and would be privileged to study there. I attend conferences in new media regularly and this would really benefit me in my future career. Thanks!


  15. Lynden Swift says:

    I would absolutely love to have a place on this course. I have just started a new business doing SEO set up and training for local businesses. It’s VERY hard work getting a new business off the ground. Being able to show I had had training and gained a formal qualification in this from Salford University would help immensely. I am the only SEO business I know of which does not require people to be coming back to me each month. I help to train up other businesses in SEO techniques so that they can carry on doing it for themselves. Helping to spread the word! So this course would help me deliver the best possible training for others. So fingers crossed!

  16. Conner says:


    I would love to win a free place on this course. I am currently working for a design agency in Bolton. My job title is trainee SEO administrator. At the moment my knowledge is only basic, but i am really keen on learning new things that help me progress further. Being given a place on this course would mean the world to me, and would definitely allow me to progress further within my chosen carer path. Not only would this course benefit me but also my employers and their clients. Ive looked at this course a million times and if i had the money i would be ring up securing myself a place TODAY! but im afraid i don’t. I cant express enough how much a place on this course would mean to me!



  17. As a small business in the North West, we’re always looking for ways to promote ourselves to a wider audience.

    SEO and Social Media enjoy such a huge buzz in the marketing circles but where do you start and how best to implement? As budgets get squeezed and our market shrinks in the UK, for the success of the business it’s imperative for us to achieve a ‘broader reach’ and open channels with new partners, prospects and businesses.

    The opportunity to win a place on the course would be tremendous and could prove to be the turning point for our company.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  18. Anjlee says:

    Even though I would absolutely love to win a place on this course (because I want to be in social media and I see the course as a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and make some great connections at one of the most vibrant academic/industry partnerships in the region), I would very much like the prize to go to Sarah Elison, comment number 3.

    I don’t know Sarah at all, but she seems to be genuine, sincere and has aspirations of using the knowledge that she will gain for the good of social research, rather than personal or commercial gain.

    I know from experience that when you are in a non-profit or student situation, it is much harder to find the funds and support to be able to get all the training that you need; but you can often put such generosity to much better use than someone for whom the assistance makes little difference to their plans or designs.


  19. Ani says:

    Because I believe in the future and it’s SEO! Oh and I am very excited about learning something new *YAY* 🙂

  20. Paul says:

    It should be me!

    I want to be noticed – I want my brand to be noticed, I want to blog, tweet, talk, offer, engage, integrate, upsell, talk to, talk about, create a hub, a gathering, a social commentary, a community of ideas….

    Help me achieve my dream.

  21. Genna Lenden says:

    It has taken me nearly 15 years to decide what my passion in life really is.

    Working in marketing for 4 years and digital marketing for 2 I truly believe I have found my sole mate in ‘search and social media’. It has totally changed my life for the better. I wish I had found it earlier. I want a place on this course so that I can learn as much as possible about this exciting industry and then pass my knowledge and experience onto others to bring happiness to them as it it did to me.

    I would really love to be considered for this opportunity

  22. anya says:

    I’ve been doing SEO for 4 months only, but beofore this i really had not background, it’s just the fate i think. I’ve turned out to be in teh industty just by chance having started from web-site editing more than 1 year ago. Later on, being an editor required some basic SEO knowledge about keywords density, titles & descriptions.So I started to learn about SEO. As the result i’m working for the web-company as a SEO specialist. I am studying a lot by myself, but i think that a course like this would be a great opportunity for me!

  23. lisa.hoyland says:

    “Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” I could not have said it better than TS Eliot . Information is only useful if you know how to use it. Knowledge is no substitute for experience. The Internet could be made to work far harder for social good as well and boost social enterprise. Anyway as I am getting on a bit and need a new job why not ?

  24. Emma B says:

    I can formulate a targeted message, i can choose the channels that my audiences use to communicate and listen – but wait! Its like rush hour out there! My message is one of millions , how will my end user find it amongst the millions of other eye catching messages – HOW CAN PEOPLE FIND ME? This is crucial to my survival as a business, my brand and my lively hood as a marketeer – HELP ME BECOME KNOWN, I WANT TO BE FOUND!

  25. Sarah says:

    I have built my own website, I am self taught and would love to get some high quality training in this area. I would be able to use these skills immediately on my own website, as well as obtain employment in this field. Please click here to learn more about me

  26. jane says:

    I’m a friend and a lurker
    a connector and a plurker
    I’d love to become a member of the technorati
    and hope that you can help me

    I am an experienced X generation marketer working for the Co op and would love to embrace the potential of these new channels to bring about social change and bring people together that believe that there is a different way.


  27. Nicolle Siliwoniuk-Caldwell says:

    They say you are never too old to learn new tricks. I have an ability to learn quickly and easily, and to be able to pass on this information to others successfully. I would be honoured to receive the benefit of learning about the most ‘important’ science of our times. The importance of SEO is growing at an alarming rate and timing is important, it’s about being there connecting and being able to jump in fast!

  28. Rachel says:

    Simply if I had £2000 I’d invest it all in this course because its exactly what I want to do! Desperately want to expand my knowledge in this area so I get on with my career in digital marketing. Thats all I can say really!

  29. I think is should be, I’ve been teaching myself SEO for the last 12 months and I know their are gaps in my knowledge and this course would be prefect for making me a complete Manchester SEO.

  30. pstpst says:

    Iam 50, unemployed and out of touch.
    This course would refresh, extend and update my knowledge and open the doors to a job. Please let it be

    Aged single mum:)

  31. Danielle Adams says:

    I’m a mother, stuck in part time admin jobs living in Salford. My goal is to make something of myself, both for my family and to inspire others in the area.

    I have several grand ideas for websites/blogs which I am determined to work hard to set up (my main idea involves an etsy style website for fashion students). However, I need more substantial education and support to fulfil these dreams. Having a young son, we just don’t have the spare cash to put me through the SEO course I badly need. I have taught myself through online tutorials how to make websites and blogs using WordPress, have bought my domain names, set up my emails, started writing my business plan and have done my research. I have completed basic online tutorials on SEO through however, having been through University before, I know nothing compares to having the level of support, that University offers. I realise that if I required investment I need to have those qualifications behind me to reinforce my business plan, not to mention my confidence! I feel I have natural drive and abilities to be extremely successful but just need this break to get there!

    I will even set up a blog and make regular entries to update people on my progress both throughout the course and beyond in hope of inspiring others. (Call me the female Timothy Ferris!!…just kidding 🙂

    I promise to put the hard work in, if you allow me this amazing opportunity.

    Yours sincerely

    Danielle Adams

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