Small Business Marketing

By Mar.22, 2012

Small business marketing

Are you a small or medium sized business looking to grow and expand to compete with the much larger companies? If so I can bet you every last penny in my pocket that you have tried many different marketing methods to increase productivity but have found most only burn a whole in your pocket. Marketing is all about ROI (Return On Investment) if your aim is to increase sales  and you are not returning on your outgoings here is a little advice, GET RID!

Is Your Small Business On The Internet?

Over the past 12 years Internet marketing has grown rapidly. With over 90 million searches made per day on Google alone and over £6B spent on line in Jan 2012 a small business can take advantage of promoting their products and services on the web using their website as a point of action. No longer do we rely on paper directories, with access to the Internet within our pockets these days search engines have made life much easier by delivering us exactly what we are looking for within a matter of seconds via mobile phones. What are your options to reach out to those searching for your services? Most search engines like Google offer two types of listings for you:

  • paid results (sponsored Links) also referred too as pay-per-click PPC
  • non paid for listings (organic, natural results)

Some of the latest statistics indicate organic listings reach over 85% of searches leaving sponsored links to cover 15% searches.

Small business Marketing and SEO

Small business marketing
What is SEO (search engine optimisation)? SEO is an on-line  marketing strategy which helps you to maximise your exposure on a search engine and identify what people are searching for. Its all about understanding the buying cycle of the consumer and their search terms used  during there journey to purchase. Search engine optimisation is the process of improving  the visibility and the presence of a webpage or blog on a search engine with in the natural, organic search results.

SEO Starter Guide

Before using SEO you need to know that it is not a get rich quick scheme nor is it a speedy process, it takes time skill and patients. For more information enrol on this course or take a look at Google SEO starter Guide.

See introduction to SEO by Dan Taylor – one of many great guest speakers on the Search and Social Media Marketing Course.

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