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By Apr.21, 2011

social media boosting website marketing at University Salford, Manchester

Internet and website marketing companies from all over the region have turned up en masse at the University of Salford as part of an initiative to combat recent cost cutting announcements.

Under the guise of an intensive training course in SEO and search engine marketing, the University of Salford is selling backlinks to companies for £2000 a pop!

Enduring several 4 hour gruelling sessions, companies specialising in SEO in Manchester and the surrounding areas are holding out until the bitter end to bag one of these highly prized links and, while complaining about the amount of homework, have been happy to part with their hard earned wonga in order to jump on the backlink bandwagon.

One Leeds SEO firm camped outside for three days to make sure of a place on this so called course and told me . . .

“We really need high quality inbound links to complete an internet marketing assignment for a company specialising in van hire Leeds and also a well known mens shoes brand so we’ll do whatever it takes”.

I have to say that I enthusiastically enrolled to ensure that I wasn’t left behind by my colleagues and competitors but very soon began to forget the prize which was waiting and became engrossed with the excellent content of the SEO course itself.

Top SEO training tips and techniques

From the ground rules for keyword research and selection through advanced link building techniques to the latest thinking in social media marketing, both the superb core team and their excellent keynote speakers really managed to get their ideas across and moved my understanding and my ability to apply my learning right across my client base immensely. High end benefits for my clients and a more effective approach by my team will really mean more business and a more enhanced reputation for my company in the dynamic and competitive world of internet and website marketing.

Not sure how ethical this backlink sale is, although I do think the Search and Social Media Marketing Course is actually extremely good and I would definitely recommend you enrol for the next sessions. Hats off though to the guys at the University of Salford, Search and Social Media Course for thinking outside the box with this innovate if somewhat extortionate way to plug the funding gap and keep themselves and their mates in a job.

As a post script I would urge you to register early for this university SEO training course as places are selling like hot cakes and there are only a limited number of backlinks available – Good Luck and Bon Voyage!

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13 thoughts on “Website Marketing Companies In Stampede For University SEO Course Backlinks

  1. I love reading and I conceive this website got some really useful stuff on it! .

    Thanks for submitting this article.I love it. 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    You forgot:

    * Sponsored by Atom Media*

    At the bottom

  3. Brian says:

    Camped out 3 days JUST for the backlink? That’s pretty bizarre…

  4. OK, just before @mattcutts and @filiber start getting worried:

    1. The above post is an example of our students’ work that was written in a “linkbate style” using humour as a technique to attract attention- this seems to have worked. This page was visited 147 times in 2 days (Saturday and Sunday!!!) as a result of sharing this link via Twitter at #SASCon 2011.

    2. Thanks to re-tweets on Saturday 21st May from @yoast:

    “RT @AleksejHeinze: #sascon anyone interested in University SEO Course Backlinks? /cc @mattcutts @filiber :-P”

    and the @UKSEO:

    “@AleksejHeinze: #sascon anyone interested in University SEO Course Backlinks? /cc @mattcutts how funny”

    3. Just to make it clear: No, we are not “selling SEO Course back links”

    But, we allow a space for our students to practice their SEO skills,
    since we believe in practical application of the knowledge gained on the course. Blog posts, Facebook fan page creations, Twitter optimisation and LinkedIn group collaborations are just some of the social media techniques we explore as part of the learning process to develop your Search and Social Media Marketing skills. This Manchester based seo and social media training sets out to demystify some perceptions of “SEO black arts” which currently exist outside of the industry.

    4. Just in case you don’t appreciate the humour in this post: – There is no “SEO back links sale” banner on the Maxwell building! – this was made possible with the help of Photoshop 😉

    5. Finally, all blog post materials are reviewed by me, and if you have any objections or reservations about any material you see on this blog
    please get in-touch: @AleksejHeinze or”


  5. Ian Goodall says:

    I think that, for the sake of parity, you should probably make all the keyword optimised links in this post “NoFollow”. Just my two cents.

  6. Atommedia says:

    Hi Ian, we’re merely making a point really, that these optimised links can come from any angle or direction, it’s funny though having worked with both a little humour and a tinge of controversy both here and in the past, is that it certainly seems to get people a little more animated and invites comment. Look how the news has hoooked onto the present Ryan Giggs affair. Alternatively though you could always plumb for an angle of research and information and craft an excellent SEO blog post like this.

    Thanks Mike 🙂

  7. SEO Bod says:

    Surely this breaks every Google rule when it comes to back linking?

    1. Aleksej says:

      Matt, which rule in particular do you mean?

  8. SEO Bod says:

    The rule in regards to buying backlinks –

    Have I misunderstood? I’ve read again and you are offering backlinks at £2k a pop.

    1. admin says:

      Matt, I think this blog is proving that humour can be easily misinterpreted – just for the record – we are not selling links – see my replies above it is a bit of photoshop! But, all students have an opportunity to write a blog post and practice their SEO and Social Media Skills. In this case Mike tried to use humour as a way of being controversial and sparking a good conversation – judging by the number of comments this blog attracted compared to others it seems that Mike is succeeding in this. In particular, using the ideas suggested by Matt Cuts himself controversy seems to work 🙂 ….

  9. mike says:

    I’d say Matt and his seobod site fully understand that the Uni isn’t selling any backlinks and he merely wants a blog comment link, well good on him, but he already has two links off the one page going top the same page, surely if seobod was to dig into it he’d realise that google will use the first link then dismiss the second, he’d therefore be better looking for comment links elsewhere. Although thanks for the Matt Cutts link that’ll help

  10. Nicely done Atommedia.

  11. SEO Bod says:

    No problem Mike, wish I had the time to delve further and thanks for the backlinks. If you need any further questions answering ask one of the main men themselves –

    It pays to try and stay involved with whats going on in the community.

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