5 ways small businesses can make big impact with #SEO

By Nov.02, 2015

SEO for small businesses can be a challenge, working in a small business inevitably means you are

  1. always short for time
  2. always focused on hundreds of things at once
  3. always passionate about what you’re doing

Even your job title can feel like a minefield – does Account Manager cover advertiser, marketer, receptionist, sandwich runner, tea maker, cleaner, product developer… etc. etc.?

So when you’re told that Social Media and Search Marketing will make big impacts, you inevitably want to throw yourself into it full throttle and full of enthusiasm. Trying to navigate it yourself however leaves you frustrated and disheartened. I’ve done 5 tweets today, why haven’t I had 3000 orders?!

That’s where the Search and Social Media Marketing Course came in. As chief Tea Maker, amongst many other titles, at Safer Surfacing, I was very keen to learn what impacts a small company could make with SEO. We’re all pushed for time, and time will always inevitably be money to the small business owner, but these five starting points should have you well on your way to that all important Return on Investment (ROI).

1.Get The Basics Right

Before you dive into writing your daily blogs and award winning content, you’ve got to do some housekeeping. Start at the beginning and make sure Google can actually find you. Your XML Sitemap lists the web pages of your site to tell search engines about the organisation of your site content. Web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to crawl your site. Check your robots.txt file too.

Make sure you have a Google account too, so you can access Google Analytics and Google Search Console, they will be your friends guiding you through the dark.

2.Think Niche

Competing with the big boys is always going to be tough. You can try and compete across your range of products and services, but it’s likely as a small business you will just be lost in the noise. Rather than scattering yourself thinly across a range of generic keywords, take a niche focus and put your efforts into a handful of keywords. You should generate a lot more visibility that way. 

3. Use a long-tail keyword strategy

Long tail keyword strategy

Similar to going for a niche keyword strategy, using long-tail keywords means that you will be getting maximum ranking potential with less popular keywords. By targeting exactly what you are offering to exactly who wants it should work out better for you anyway. 

4. Local SEO

Local SEO is extremely important to small businesses. Since Google’s Pigeon update, and the growing amount of mobile device users, being found by customers on the go can give you the edge over competitors.

If you haven’t already got your Google+ local page created and verified do it. Like now. Anyone googling for a business in their area will be given a list from google and you want to be on it. If you can get some good reviews from customers on your Google+ page even better, Google loves that. 

5. Have Personality…

…because at the end of the day we’re all human, and we will watch and share something that connects to us, makes us thinks, gives us the feels. There’s a reason it’s all about them cat videos. Before you go off to direct your blockbuster, make sure the concept is meaningful. Would you share it? What do you share? Why? You’ll find that most people share content because they want to create an image of themselves. Dove may just be selling soap at the end of the day, but it knows women and how to appeal to them. Emotional manipulation, it’ll get you every time.


Have you found a different way to boost your brand online?

I’d love to know how implementing SEO strategies has impacted your business. Comment below or connect with me @hmglassbrook @safersurfacing