We hope you’re as excited as we are about you joining us at Salford! We’ve written a series of blogs to help you prepare for uni life and guide you on your way to becoming unstoppable this year. There’s something for everyone, so grab your favourite drink and have a read.

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Settling in and making connections

Taking care of yourself and each other

Academic skills and careers support

  • Student Spaces on campus
    Spending a bit of time at uni but your accommodation is a little far away to go home for a […]
  • How To Develop Your Employability Skills
    Thinking about future career prospects can sometimes bring a mixture of excitement and nerves. There’s a world of opportunities waiting […]
  • How To Prepare For Exams
    We know you might be feeling a little nervous about upcoming exams, especially if you’ve not sat an exam in […]
  • How To Plan For Your Future
    It’s completely normal to find planning for your future daunting. That’s why we’re here to make sure you have everything you […]
  • Addressing your top study challenges
    Attending lectures, asking questions and taking notes are all important parts of going to university. But knowing how and when […]
  • Five ways to improve your study skills
    Turning up to your lectures and seminars isn’t where the studying stops. Improving your study skills is the key to […]